LTM4636: A 40A µModule Regulator

LTM4636, a high density, high efficiency 40A with excellent top and bottom heat sinking. Watch the video for more information.

Hello, my name is Eddie Beville. I'm a Design Manager for µModule Products at Linear Technology.

Today, I'm going to talk about implementing high current, scalable, multi-phase, power solutions. We will be introducing a new µmodule utilized in scalable, multi-phase, high current designs. We will discuss advancement in package design based on package metrics, package construction and design, and a block diagram. Then show the electrical performance of an actual four-phase 160 amp design with thermal plots, d-rating, efficiency, and the self-clocking phase programming.

This slide shows the package metrics of the LTM4636. The device comes in a convenient 144-Leaded BGA. A very small package, (0.62") x (0.62") x (0.28"), has the power density of 300 Watts/inch squared. The device provides excellent top and bottom heat syncing.

Linear Technology's proprietary copper frame structures carry the large switch in output currents and free up substrate board area for high current, low impedience interconnects for the customers printed circuit board.

The top external power inductor which has thick copper wire impregnated in a high performance powdered iron inductor, provides an effective heat sinking path. Air flow across the inductor conducts heat out of the module very effectively.

The LTM4636 consists of a 40 amp high performance synchronous buck regulator with very accurate current sharing and a very accurate remote sense amplifier for accurate voltage regulation. The device has it's own on-board five volt power source for powering the power block and other ancillary circuits. An additional 50 milliamps can be utilized from this source. This is a 160 amp four-phase power design with very accurate current sharing. Each power µmodule representing a high performance 40 amp stage.

The 12 volt to 0.9 volt at 160 amp design achieves a conversion efficiency of 88 percent. The load transient performance can be optimized utilizing the LTpowerCAD design tool
and the typical current sharing is around five percent as shown. Two different thermal imaging plots are shown for a 40 amp and a 160 amp design.

Notice the 40C rise with 200LFM air flow for the 40 amp, and a 40C rise with 400LFM air flow for the 160 amp design. The very close temperature of each module in the multi-phase designs are an outcome of the very accurate current sharing and excellent thermal design.

Unique package construction that enables high power conversion efficiencies and excellent thermal properties allow the LTM4636 to operate at maximum load currents at elevated ambient temperatures as shown in the graphs. The high efficiency performance for each individual output is shown in the graph. The conversion efficiencies around 88 percent for low output voltages and above 94 percent for higher output voltages.

The LTM4636 has on-board self-clocking that can be externally synchronized to an incoming clock. The LTM4636 has a clock output signal that can be phase programmed for multi-phase applications and parallel operations as shown. The LTM4636 can be paralleled from 80 amps to 240 amps.

In summary, applications that require the use of one regulator to accomplish many different scalable power requirements can be very useful. The LTM4636 offers this kind of flexibility with the noted features. For additional information, please visit our website at

Thanks for watching.

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