ADA4530-1 Electrometer Op Amp with Integrated Guard Buffer

Explore Analog Devices' newest Electrometer-Grade operational amplifier designed to deliver higher accuracy in a much smaller form factor with the industry’s first integrated guard buffer to protect against noisy environments.

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This video was provided by Analog Devices.

Whenever you’re working with a sensor that has high output impedance or a very low output current, the amplifier that you connect to it can easily load it down and steal some of the signal range.  It’s very important that you hook it up to an amp that itself has a high input impedance and a very low bias current that doesn’t change much over time because errors from those two things are really hard to calibrate out. 

The ADA 4530n addresses these challenges.  It has a very low input bias current at room temperature and the input bias current has very low drift.  We also production tested it at two different temperatures to guarantee that.  It also has really how input impedance.  Those three things together mean that you can work with a smaller signal from your sensor, which could mean that you’re looking for a very smaller concentration of a chemical or you’re working on a very small sample volume. 

The ADA 4530 has an integrated guard ring driver which protects your sensitive analog inputs from any kind of stray leakage currents on the board itself.  When you’re introduction, a real life system you’ll get the performance that you need to make those very small measurements.  That’s a feature that doesn’t exist in competing products in the market today.

 By simplifying a lot of the circuit, having that guard ring driver, keeping the bias current stable over temperature so you don’t need compensation, those things shrink the overall system size.  There is a big demand in that market to get more and more instruments that are smaller and portable so you can take that analysis right to the sample where you can change the effects as opposed to having to bring that sample all the way back to the lab. 

A lot of industries have to use sensors like this in chemical analysis applications.  You see this in research labs where they’re creating new pharmaceuticals, but also in production environments.  Oil refineries use chemical analysis types of techniques, like spectroscopy or spectrometry.  These sorts of applications use sensor like photo diodes or faraday cups that have high output impedance or very low output impedance or a very low current that you’re trying to measure accurately. 

 The ADA4530 gives you that super accurate measurement to measure very small signals in a way that protects that signal from outside interference.  The guard ring driver and low temperature drift are the things that make that measurement possible over and over again in lots of situations with a high degree of repeatability.

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