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We have taken the liberty to compile a list of some of the best high-tech DIY Gifts on the market today. Regardless of DIY electronics experience, these gifts will surely be a great addition to any hobbyist’s repertoire. These gifts vary in difficulty, but there is definitely something for everyone on this list of high-tech DIY gifts!

Google AIY Voice Kit



To start us off, this kit will be hard to match this holiday season. Truly the first of its kind, the Google AIY Voice Kit, made by the company AIY Projects (a Google partner), has the sole purpose of enabling the Google Cloud API on your Raspberry Pi seamlessly with the AIY Voice HAT board, accessory microphone, and DIY package. Scary words. I know. Basically, this means you’ll be able to turn your Raspberry Pi Mini Computer into your very own Google Home assistant and then customize it to your own liking! This very well may be the coolest standalone kit for Raspberry Pi that has come out, well, ever. This one is a must-get no matter what time of year, especially if you or your loved one have any sort of passion for DIY electronics hacking…or just appreciates super awesome gifts! For more AIY fun, check out this video!

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Particle Photon Wi-Fi Development Kit

1117 CM_Particle IoT Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 1


Speaking of customizing the world that we live in… the Particle Photon may take the cake as the best IoT prototyping device. Imagine controlling your standard household lamp from your phone from anywhere in the world. Well, you can easily do that with the particle photon. Based off of the Arduino coding IDE, the Particle Photon programming interface is extremely simple to use and all takes place wirelessly from a web browser. All you need to get start building your own Internet of Things device is a computer and a sprinkle of creativity! The Particle community comes with loads of great example projects, so even if you or your engineer does not have any DIY experience, this kit is still a great gift for this holiday season!

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Photon Kit

Particle Inc Component Kits View

Pimoroni Picade


Do you miss playing Galaga in the bowling alley down the street, or just wish you could show your little one that one game that you spent the first 12 years of your life playing? Well, we think this gift will fill the gap in your heart that could only be filled by Street Fighter. Picade is a video game console that allows your enginerd to emulate hundreds (that's right, HUNDREDS) of retro arcade games! This means unlimited play on Pac Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, and many more—all on the same console.  Best of all, this console actually looks like a miniature arcade. This kit comes with almost everything you need to get started building your own arcade console. The only requirement is Raspberry Pi. Regardless, this high-tech DIY mini-arcade is an awesome way to hide from the in-laws this holiday season.

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Picade | 2706

Adafruit Industries Embedded System Development Boards and Kits View

Pi-Top-Green-A Laptop Kit for Pi 3


Are you interested in building your own bare-bones computer from the ground up, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on components?  The Pi-Top is certainly worth considering. The Rasbperry Pi development board is so flexible that the creators of Pi-Top realized you can create a simulated laptop with a few pieces of well designed plastic and a few peripherals. This kit comes complete with a 14² 1080p display, battery, keyboard and trackpad, as well as a 4-piece snap-together plastic shell that allows DIY enthusiasts to effectively build their own computer. The kit comes with an SD card that comes preloaded with the Pi-Top OS, meaning you can have your laptop running in minutes with a simple plug-and-play buildout. The mission of Pi-Top is to allow anyone to build a beginner level laptop and teach them how to become experts in programming and computer design, making it the perfect gift for any DIY enthusiast looking to grow their computer knowledge.

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Pi-Top | 3065

Adafruit Industries Misc Products View

Python for Microcontrollers Guide

1117 CM_Python for Microcontrollers

Better known in the Raspberry Pi world as MicroPython (Python for Microcontrollers is the coding language that is used across the industry for C-based coding for microcontrollers), this easy-to-use language is an excellent choice for beginners who are new to coding and working with microcontrollers and associated hardware. Even if you have never coded in your life, Python Microcontrollers come packed with eight easy-to-follow tutorials that clearly show step-by-step how to work through MicroPython in a fun and exciting way. This DIY guide, coming soon to Arrow's Holiday Shop, is perfect for anyone looking to dive into the world of coding or looking to grow their knowledge on MicroPython. Plus, it is written by a seasoned electronics hobbyist and engineer by trade, Donald Norris.

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Python for Microcontrollers | 3325

Adafruit Industries Misc Products View

littleBits Gizmo & Gadgets 2nd Edition

1117 Gizmo  Gadgets

Start prototyping electronics and create epic inventions with this DIY kit. As an extremely user-friendly way to prototype electronics, littleBits has set out on a mission to empower children and novice tinkerers to become inventors.  One of their most popular items is the littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets kit, which connects its users to 16 out-of-the-box inventions. The littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit comes equipped to help you or a loved one learn how create app-enabled games, pranks, and crazy inventions. Simply snap together the various littleBits modules with magnets to use them for prototyping, learning, and fun. You can use this kit to create your own robotic rover, spinning lamp, handheld fan, pinball machine, or many other awesome projects!

LittleBits will walk you through the basics of electronics components, all without the need for a soldering iron or common tools for building a small project. This kit is perfect to get you started making your own little creations right out of the box! What comes in the kit? It includes everything you need to get started, including 13 Bits and 56 accessories like a bargraph, Bluetooth module, buzzer, DC motor, Fan, light sensor, power, servo motor, slide dimmer, and much much more!  It includes a 60-page invention guidebook to help you build your inventions with step-by-step instructions.

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littleBits Gizmo & Gadgets 2nd Ed. | PIS-0609

Pi Supply Development Kits and Tools View

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