Reliable Power and Signal Interconnect Solutions

As technology moves forward, we are finding ourselves at an intimate level of interaction with our homes and workplaces. Whether it is providing us access to the office, adjusting the lights, seeing who is at the door, or setting the room to the perfect temperature; we are connected to the spaces we live in. This intimacy mandates that we have reliable connections to the devices that bring us closer to our surroundings. This has resulted in an increased focus on interconnect products that maintain the essential connections to sensors, control interfaces, and networked devices. TE Connectivity offers the essential signal and power interconnect that will allow our spaces to be always on.

Whether you are connecting an entire building on a grand scale or creating products that enhance our surroundings on a smaller scale, using power and signal products from TE gives you the confidence that your spaces will be always on.  

Power is the backbone of any intelligent building.  Maintaining a constant power connection is critical to keeping applications operating.

Signal connections enable the smarts behind the intelligent building.  This intelligence is enabled through sensor connections, which provide reliable information about the environment and optimize application performance.

There are four common application areas where the entrepreneurs have targeted the intelligent building design space.  The areas of lighting, safety, sensing & Wi-Fi connections, and user interface all need reliable interconnect. TE provides reliable interconnect solutions within these application areas.

Here are some highlight interconnect products to create your intelligent building integrated product.

Lighting Connectivity

Connectivity for lighting systems is important to keep illumination at peak and efficient levels.  This is even more so for outdoor and horticultural smart buildings. Harsh and varied environmental conditions can create issues when planning the interconnectivity of lighting systems. Common lighting connectivity concerns can range from connector complexity to tight spaces.

TE addresses these design issues with products that not only keep up with current applications, but stay ahead of it.

TE tackles the issues of harsh environments for lighting with their SlimSeal family of connectors. SlimSeal connectors are more robust, specifically developed for indoor and outdoor lighting.  The connectors stable electrical and mechanical mating make them an easy choice for solid-state lighting (SSL) and any application where low power (5.0 Amps – 300 Volts) and UV resistant connection are required.

If your application requires a simple and convenient way of connecting your lighting system, TE provides BUCHANAN WireMate connectors a surface mounted releasable poke in connectors. These connectors do not require special tooling and were created to accommodate a variety of design requirements, including easy connection and low profile, slim form factor.

There will be applications where both ease of connection and protection of the environment are needed for a section of the system.  TE’s splicing connectors, CoolSplice, can provide a solution. CoolSplice connectors offer a gel-filled sealed version to allow extended use into harsh environments where the elements may compromise the integrity of the connection., There is no need for special tooling. A common pair of pliers is all that is required for a pushbutton termination of the insulated wire by insulation displacement technology (IDC). CoolSplice can meet IP20 (non-sealed) and IPX8 (sealed) ratings.

If your lighting design requires fitting connectors in tight spaces, the miniature hermaphroditic connectors might fit your criteria. This low-profile connector features rounded corners that eliminate shadowing will maximize LED output. Its selected gold plating also eliminates the potential for fretting corrosion that is caused by micro motion in harsh LED lighting environments. Available in board to board and wire to board components.

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TE Connectivity Connector Discrete Wire Housing View

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TE Connectivity Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles View

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TE Connectivity Connector Terminals View

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TE Connectivity Connector Discrete Wire Housing View

Wi-Fi and Sensor Connections

The intelligent building is becoming a common place design concept.  It centers around products being connected to an array of various sensors and subsequently to the internet.  These connections can then be managed through main controllers or cloud services, making the entire system “smart”.  For a system to operate at a high level of performance, signals to and from the “smart” products must be stable and reliable.

TE’s high-performance interconnect (HPI) products can be used anywhere a signal or low power needs to be routed through a device.  HPI is a perfect connector that provides reliable signal integrity for your system’s wire to board sensors connection.  The HPI offers connection options to a wide variety of sensors types.  Available in vertical and horizontal (right angle) connections, single-row connectors, dual-row connectors, and multiple color variations.

For situations where in situ component replacement or locking connections are required, TE ’s releasable poke in connectors and the Micro MATE-N-LOK connectors, provide the secure lock-in-place confidence for those sensor or device connections that are important for collecting data and transmission.

The Micro MATE-N-LOK connector also provides positive latching to prevent mismatching and only require 4.7mm of vertical heights. This connector is rated up to 5A and 250V with 24-20 AWG and 30-26 AWG wire ranges, allowing you to be at easy when it comes to load, mechanical reliability, and space on your design.

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TE Connectivity Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles View

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TE Connectivity Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles View

Safety Connectivity

Safety precautions are another aspect of the intelligent building. That is a number one priority. Safety applications include door alarms, switches, locks that have stepping/DC motors. Basically, anywhere secure connections and power delivery could become an issue.

TE focuses on both issues with the Economy Power connector family.   Specifically, the economy power 2.5 connectors ensure that safety devices continue to stay connected as they offer two levels of mechanical and electrical reliability with a true locking latch preventing the plug housing and post header from vibrating apart. An optional terminal position assurance (TPA) device helps ensure terminal seating.  All this provides the capability to handle control motors for your locks and switches.

Superior mechanical security can also be found on TE’s signal double lock (SDL) connectors.  SDL connectors help assure connectivity, with better locking strength and snag prevention when mated with secondary locking features. High-profile SDL post headers with locking capability are available for applications in which a protective conformal coating may be applied to the PC board.

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TE Connectivity Connector Discrete Wire Housing View

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TE Connectivity Connector Discrete Wire Housing View

User Interfacing

All the features of our intelligent spaces are meaningless if we do not have a common interface that is convenient and space efficient.

Design versatility is a key aspect in for creating user interfaces with touchscreens, buttons, high-density circuit boards, and connection cables.  TE covers a variety of requirement combinations for high density cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connector solutions with abroad portfolio of flat flex cable (FFC). These cables are the industry best for contact design versatility and application tooling There are various options for number of pins, receptacle approaches, card edge, and solder tab contact that are ideal for touch screen, display panels, and audio indicators.

If your user interface sustains bumps and knocks, TE ’s AMPMODU connector system 50 may be an option for you.  AMOMODU connector’s reliable high-density board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors are suited for applications that receive severe shock and vibration with their built-in anti-overstress feature.

For aesthetic reasons, there is a demand for interface solutions that are compact and may have to fit contours of a wall. The Miniature Hermaphroditic Connectors, Micro MATE-N-LOK connectors, and flexible printed circuit (FPC) all address these issues by providing space efficiency while exceling in electrical or mechanical characteristics. Additionally, TE produces FPC connectors that offer a low-profile height and light-weight solution for interface solutions that carry up to 0.5 Amps.

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TE Connectivity Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles View

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TE Connectivity Connector FFC-FPC View

Whether it be inside homes and offices or in harsh environments, our spaces will continue to require reliable connections.  TE can solve your current and future connectivity issues with high-performance signal and power solutions.  For your next design project look to TE for all your interconnect components. Remember, every connection counts.

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