Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery play an important role in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Being one of the hottest applications in the transportation and automotive fields at present, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) must adopt Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery to provide the electric power required by the system operation and data transmission. This text will introduce the Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery product line promoted by Murata aiming at severe automotive environments.

Heat-resistant and Extended Temperature Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery can satisfy the strict requirement of TPMS

TPMS is a kind of electronic system installed on a vehicle to monitor tire pressure. Through real-time monitoring, this system can help the driver monitor the changes of the tire pressure via instruments, a digital display, or lamp signal and sound only in order to reduce traffic accidents caused by excessive or low tire pressure, as well as reduce fuel consumption by keeping an appropriate tire pressure.

At present, TPMS has become a built-in system for many vehicles, and is a compulsory requirement for newly made vehicles in more and more countries and regions. Early in 2001, the USA passed the TRAD Act, which required all new cars sold in the USA after 2007 to treat TPMS as a standard configuration. Afterward, the USA and Europe also formulated relevant laws to require domestic automobile manufacturers to install TPMS. The Chinese mainland has compulsorily required all vehicles in production to install TPMS since Jan. 1st, 2020.

In the current market, TPMS can be divided into Wheel-Speed Based TPMS and Pressure-Sensor Based TPMS. Wheel-Speed Based TPMS, also known as WSB, needs wheel-speed sensors in the automobile ABS system to compare the revolving speed among tires in order to achieve the target of monitoring tire pressure. It belongs to passive-mode TPMS and has been gradually eliminated at present. Another type is Pressure-Sensor Based TPMS (PSB for short) which uses pressure sensors installed on the tire to measure tire pressure, adopts wireless transmitters to send pressure information from the inner tire to the system in the central receiver module, and then display the tire pressure data. The system will send an alarm when there is low tire pressure or an air leak. Therefore, PSB belongs to active TPMS and is the mainstream in the current market.

In order to provide the electric power required by TPMS operation and data transmission, it is a must to reduce size of TPMS and meanwhile provide the power to support a longer operation time. Micro batteries have become the first and foremost choice at present. There are various types of micro batteries, among which coin manganese dioxide lithium batteries (CR batteries) are the most suitable for TPMS applications. CR batteries are small size one-shot batteries, where the positive electrode uses manganese dioxide and the negative electrode used lithium. They can provide a permanent power source with a tiny volume.

In order to adapt to the severeness of the TPMS application environment, it must face the high temperature of tires produced by high-speed revolution and ground friction. In addition to standard coin manganese dioxide lithium micro batteries, Murata also launched a heat-resistant and Extended Temperature series to respond to the strict challenge of TPMS applications.

Being most suitable for on-board and factory automation devices in severe operating temperature environments, heat-resistant micro batteries have the characteristics of light weight, high voltage, and high energy density, having a battery voltage (3V) twice that of dry batteries. The situation requiring 2 batteries only needs 1 battery now, which can save space to achieve light weight. Its excellent discharging stability can provide stable voltage characteristics even after long-time discharging. While improving equipment reliability, it also saves maintenance costs for battery replacement.

Heat-resistant Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery have a wide operating temperature range and use unique organic electrolytes to enable them to have excellent characteristics in low-to-high temperature fields. They can operate at temperatures between -40℃ and +125℃ with superior leakage resistance. Through using newly developed battery construction and electrolytes, they have excellent leakage resistance over a long period of time. What’s more, they also have excellent storage characteristics. Active materials and the electrolytes adopt high-stability materials and unique packaging techniques after strict selection, enabling them to have the characteristic of low self-discharging. In an environment with a nominal capacity as well as normal temperature and humidity, the self-discharge capacity is less than 1% per year.

Mainly applied in on-board equipment and outdoor IoT equipment, Extended Temperature Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery are the smaller and thinner alternative solution to traditional lithium cylindrical batteries. Depending on the heat-resisting technology accumulated over many years for on-board applications, Murata developed the “Extended Temperature” Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery covering a wider temperature range than that of standard ones. The operating temperature range of standard batteries is from -30℃ to 70℃, while that of the Extended Temperature batteries has been extended to -40℃ to 85℃. In addition, with respect to storage characteristics, Extended Temperature batteries can reduce voltage reduction compared to standard batteries under the circumstance of saving for over 100 days at the temperature of 85℃. CR3677X coin batteries, with the maximum capacity, not only have a larger nominal capacity than that of CR123A and CR2 batteries, but also contribute to the miniaturization and thinness of electronic equipment.

With more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of micro battery technology, Murata can provide Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery with high performance and reliability by using advanced design and production technology. With ISO 9001/14001 certification, Murata Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery adopt fully-automatic assembling lines and can meet the needs of diverse markets through a wide range of products conforming to different purposes.


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