Inertial Navigation System Precision Positioning Leaves No Dead Angle

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The Inertial Navigation System is an auxiliary guiding system for measurement of the acceleration and angular velocity of a moving object with the use of accelerometer and gyroscope, and with the application of computer technology. It estimates the position, attitude, and speed of the moving object. This system does not require an external reference system and is often used in aircrafts, submarines, ballistic missiles, and spacecraft. The conventional GPS/Glonass positioning system relies on satellite signals before it can proceed to positioning. Once the satellite is shielded by buildings, or when the object for positioning stays indoor, in a tunnel, this system cannot give the exact position. In contrast, the inertial navigation system is free from these constraints. It can also integrate with the GPS/Glonass positioning system to enhance the speed and accuracy of positioning. This is a full-range positioning system.

Unrestrained Full-Range Positioning

The conventional inertial navigation system is larger in dimension and more expensive, which made it difficult to gain popularity. With the advancement of technology, and the decreasing dimension of the accelerometer and gyroscope, the price also falls over time. This gives a gleam of light for the promotion of the inertial navigation system. The GS8010 Inertial Navigation System product series launched by Yeedon Multimedia Co., Ltd. features full-function and high precision in positioning. The GS8010 series was developed on the basis of the compact OS20 operating system and the main chip is the advanced STA8088XX conditioned by the wealth of car-mounted smart product application of the company. The interior design of the device contains an enhanced satellite positioning function, and can achieve stable and high precision positioning. The adoption of the Nmea protocol standard allows for simple and quick development and application. The product has the characteristics of high integration, high reliability, and system stability.

The GS8010 series is equipped with the high-performance STA80XX (ARM946) processor that does not rely on the feeding of external information. It also does not receive any external radioactive autonomous system, which makes it good in disguise and free from the interference of external electromagnetic waves. As such, the data on the position and speed of the system allows for sustained positioning without the interference of unwanted signals. The data update is frequent and repetitive with high precision and stability. The precision can be controlled at 1.6 meters. Further, it can support the positioning of 32 tracking satellites. The dual mode is compatible with the GPS of USA and the Glonass of Russia. Products to be launched can support Galileo of Europe and Beidou of China. This system allows for timely positioning at almost every corner of the world.

Authentic GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has emerged as leader of positioning systems. In fact, other countries have also launched their satellites so as to free from the control of the USA. However, the effect of satellite tracking will always be hampered by tall buildings, tunnels, and other blockages in urban areas. This is particularly the case for receiving signals indoor or in a basement, the dead angle for receiving signals. The inertial navigation system is the best solution for this problem and will be the optimum global positioning system.

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