CircuitPython Tutorial: CircuitPython Install and Examples

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In the process of programming a microcontroller, many users turn to Arduino's C-based programming language. But if you've never programmed a microcontroller before, you won't have the Arduino IDE installed, nor are you likely to have PlatformIO or other programming alternatives. If you're one of these users, you may find Python―purported to be the fastest-growing programming language―to be a more familiar and easy-to-learn language than C.

Thanks to the efforts of Scott Shawcroft and other contributors, Adafruit developed a Python-based alternative programming language called CircuitPython. When you plug a CircuitPython-enabled board into your computer, you'll see a drive with the contents of its storage, which you can program with a simple text file named "" CircuitPython, which is related to MicroPython, is a highly compatible version of Python with emphasis on usability.

Programming CircuitPython