Tech Pals

Bridging the generational technology gap

With Arrow’s help, Gen-Z nonprofit Tech Pals teaches seniors how to navigate the new online world, regain their freedom and discover how technology can make life better—today and Five Years Out.

Meet The Tech Pals

Arrow Electronics supports The Tech Pals, a non-profit that bridges the generational technology gap by helping seniors use computers and mobile devices. Everyday life depends on being connected online, from making medical appointments and ordering groceries to streaming your favorite shows, refilling prescriptions, and reserving library books. Today, one-third of seniors in the U.S. do not have an internet connection at home.

During the coronavirus pandemic, seniors were especially vulnerable to social isolation. Tech Pals volunteers provided individual and group tutorials to seniors on everything from using a smart phone to creating a social media account, downloading an operating system, and using online meeting platforms.

Now Arrow is supporting a new Tech Pals initiative to introduce seniors to virtual reality learning. The program, known as VR Silver, is meant to determine best practices for delivering VR experiences to seniors without regard for financial status, physical limitations, or geographical location.

Meet The Tech Pals

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