Healthcare & Medical

In the changing healthcare landscape, medical leaders are working to keep their existing tools effective while anticipating future technological leaps. Arrow collaborates with innovators to navigate the intricate terrain of the present while paving the way for tomorrow’s innovations.

Enhancing lifespan and longevity

Durable medical equipment promotes well-being and saves lives. We work to ensure continued operations and compliance, even amid component discontinuation. Beyond individual parts, we provide AI-backed, application-specific solutions for comprehensive system optimization, empowering manufacturers to boost both the performance and longevity of medical devices.

Proactive pathways

When every answer is significant, and every second matters, we don’t just react – we anticipate. We simplify the journey from design to distribution, addressing unforeseen needs and guiding through regulations. Our approach is comprehensive to prepare for whatever the future may bring.

Dependable testing

Medical devices face location-specific, stringent testing. Leveraging 20 years of experience and a global network of manufacturers, we ensure unwavering consistency worldwide.

Here for the How - Healthcare & Medical

Why Arrow

When your work impacts lives, answers are critical. At Arrow, we serve as your trusted guide, dedicated to clearing the way before you. We aim to simplify your journey, from visionary concepts to tangible outcomes, enabling you to make a meaningful difference in patient well-being with confidence and ease.

Global presence

Fully compliant products

Access to manufacturers

Component selection

Extended product life cycle

Design services

Quality control

Manufacturing support

Testing support

Capabilities & support

Innovative healthcare solutions

Arrow delivers durable and versatile solutions to your challenges. By reducing the need for regular recertification, we foster smoother operations and extend the lifespan of your systems. Most importantly, our experts are proficient at handling obstacles of any size, ensuring your productivity stays consistent.

Design engineering

Creating medical devices involves a detailed and lengthy process of checks and approvals. Arrow helps simplify the process with its design engineering services allowing for efficient design, validation, construction, and testing of your product, for immediate large-scale production once approved. Additionally, our design engineering global certifications let you distribute your products globally, knowing it upholds the highest quality standards.

Life cycle management

At Arrow, we specialize in extending product lifespan. Our Arrow Intelligent Solutions team efficiently manages last-time purchases even amid component phase-outs, ensuring your product endures.

Supply chain assurance

When unexpected demand strikes, leaving you questioning how to meet all orders, we’re by your side, proactively backfilling your orders, liaising with suppliers, and managing the process seamlessly. Your worries are ours to handle.