With roots steeped in industry, Arrow’s legacy and mission are singular: supporting your business growth. We’re proud of our past, but the future fuels our drive. Teaming up with Arrow, you’re not merely adapting to what comes next – you’re guiding it.

Together, we help you navigate the evolving world and seize the opportunities and connectivity of Industry 4.0 ahead.


Unlock the power of electricity for your product. Converting from diesel to electric while preserving your design is a complex process, and we’re here to support you through the maze. From design to components to battery longevity, we’ll accelerate your transition and empower your business with the right choices. Together, we’ll electrify your future faster.


In the era of automation, Arrow ensures a streamlined machine upgrade process to mitigate potential disruption. We’re committed to minimizing production downtime and enhancing efficiency so you can resume business swiftly and smoothly.


Security used to be a software issue and the end customer’s burden. Today, building robust, multilayered defenses is vital to shield you and your customers. We stand by your side, ready to craft the best strategies that ensure your data and business remain impenetrable.


Today, machines don’t just work—they talk. Arrow specializes in IoT, enhancing wireless connections between devices. With us, your operations aren’t just efficient; they’re interconnected, ensuring smooth, seamless productivity.


With Arrow’s AI expertise, machines move beyond routine tasks to intelligent decision-making. They interpret data, communicate insights, and refine decisions with each cycle. As they evolve, so does your industry, always one step ahead, always learning.

Here for the How - Industrial

Why work with Arrow?

Arrow’s rich industrial history isn’t just a legacy; it’s the backbone of our relationship. We’re here to unravel the intricacies of an evolving world, transforming hurdles into stepping stones so you can focus on your business. Working with Arrow, you gain more than a service – you gain a collaborator, backed by years of experience, to help you navigate the future smoothly.

Design services
Supply chain expertise
Support from design to production
Embedded compute
Wireless technology
Analog power solutions
Interconnect solutions
Electromechanical solutions
Cloud services

Capabilities & support

Optimizing energy

As technology advances and devices become smaller, the demand for longer battery life remains. We’re here to help you optimize devices, ensuring that progress doesn’t compromise power.

Smart everything

Today’s businesses and consumers expect intuitive intelligence – machines that communicate directly and alleviate pain points. While upgrading can seem overwhelming, Arrow guides you toward optimal, smart solutions.


To achieve lasting success, products must meet rigorous standards, endure tough conditions, and function flawlessly for years. We’re here to help ensure that every component in every machine meets your high standards.

Streamlined connectivity

As the world leans on embedded systems and wireless connections, Arrow stands by you. We simplify your tech journey, ensuring you reach the market swiftly and confidently.