Habitat for Humanity Smart Homes

Empowering a smart & affordable community

Arrow Electronics and Resideo Technologies are helping Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver build a new generation of affordable homes. Powered by smart technology, the new Mountain View community will provide residents with more security, convenience and comfort, as well as reducing energy use and saving money.

Affordable homes featuring smart home technologies

Arrow is collaborating with longtime customer Resideo to bring the benefits of smart home technology to a Habitat for Humanity community.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to power American homes, with the U.S. residential sector accounting for 22% of all of the nation’s energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And it doesn’t come cheap. The average U.S. household spends $2,000 annually on energy.

Smart home technology has proven successful in reducing energy consumption and costs as it helps consumers monitor and control heating and cooling systems remotely and automatically. But smart home technologies often are associated with homeowners with easy access to high-speed broadband connections. In a survey conducted by apartment technology provider Quext, 62% of consumers said that price was the biggest barrier to smart home technology adoption. Yet, low-income families – who typically spend three times more of their income to heat and cool their homes than the average U.S. household – may stand to gain the most from the benefits provided by smart home technology.

To bridge the affordability gap and extend the benefits of technology, Arrow Electronics and Resideo are helping Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver develop a pioneering smart home community in Aurora, Colo. It is the first integrated smart home solution to be designed and built in Habitat’s network across more than 70 countries – and at no extra cost to the new homeowners.

Working with a network of customers and suppliers, Arrow is equipping the 20 homes in the Mountain View Community with a bundle of smart home products designed to enhance security and safety, save energy, conserve water and improve air quality. Resideo, a leader in the smart home technology market and longtime Arrow customer, is the keystone collaborator, supplying its Honeywell Home and First Alert solutions.

“Resideo believes that a smart, safe and sustainable home is a must for all homeowners, and we are proud to partner with Arrow Electronics and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver in this first-of-its-kind, affordable smart home bundle project.” – Linsey Miller, SVP, Business Development and Strategic Marketing for Resideo.


Resideo’s product bundle will impact the performance of nearly every major system of each Mountain View home. Honeywell Home smart thermostats will provide homeowners with greater control over climate, enabling residents to use a smartphone app to adjust temperatures remotely or set a schedule based on when rooms are in use. A Honeywell Home UV Air Treatment system helps create a more energy-efficient smart home and improve air quality by reducing the amount of odors, mold spores and airborne bacteria. To offer awareness and security, a First Alert video doorbell and First Alert outdoor camera will allow homeowners to monitor their home remotely and screen visitors. A First Alert water leak detection system can monitor leaks and freezing temperatures, sending email and mobile alerts to homeowners when a leak happens and automatically shuts water off at the source to prevent damage.

Arrow plays a critical role in helping Resideo bring these products to market, serving as a liaison between Resideo and key suppliers, such as Silicon Labs, that provide wireless technology to help smart home devices communicate with mobile phones and virtual assistants. Arrow also supports Resideo with engineering and supply chain services.

“This is an example of how we are collaborating with companies to deliver technology that goes all the way from water leak detection to heating and ventilation to security control and other products that bring the cost of maintenance and operation inside buildings down.” – Aiden Mitchell, Vice President of Global Supplier Management at Arrow.


Resideo’s products have provided both cost and energy savings. A study of the Honeywell Home T5 and T6 Pro smart thermostats demonstrated that homeowners using the thermostats’ scheduling features reduced energy consumption by as much as 16%, resulting in energy savings of $83 to $154 per year. Resideo’s water detection and shutoff valves saved 2.4 million gallons of water in 2022, preventing an estimated $2.7 million in insurance claims.

A Habitat supporter nationally, Resideo is donating its products to the Mountain View community. Homeowners won’t be charged for equipment and won’t face any hidden fees related to operating the devices. Resideo is also connecting with its insurance partners to offer homeowner insurance discounts for deployment of Resideo connected products.

In addition to addressing the expense involved in equipping a smart home, Habitat, Arrow and Resideo are working together to remove other obstacles to smart home usage – including connectivity and technical know-how. With support from Resideo and Arrow employees, homeowners will receive training to use these devices.

“This is important to Arrow employees. We are surrounded by technology on a daily basis, but very rarely do we get to see it implemented in an end use location, and what better way to demonstrate it than in a family home.” – Aiden Mitchell, Vice President of Global Supplier Management at Arrow.

The Mountain View residents will be the first recipients of a comprehensive smart home technology package in a Habitat development. If successful, the project could become a model for other Habitat communities and could also inspire more widespread adoption of smart home technology.