Taking the world of retail and hospitality to new heights

The retail and hospitality markets are evolving faster than ever before. With technology embedded into every touch point, providing the best customer experience is critical. 

When the technology landscape moves fast, Arrow moves faster. We work with the world’s leading technology partners to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators (SIs), and independent software vendors (ISVs) in their journey to design, build, and deploy everything from omnichannel ecosystems to single devices and systems.

How we support


Transforming the retail experience

Cutting-edge innovations driven by sensors, connectivity, advanced processing, artificial intelligence (AI), and data-driven insights enable retailers to better compete for customer loyalty, unlock hidden insights, and achieve superior cost outcomes. When you’re ready to transform the retail experience, Arrow can help you get there.

Products and technologies that take your store further

Contactless check-out systems, digital signage, voice-activated technology, kiosks, video AI, security, inventory management, and monitoring – cloud or edge. Whatever infrastructure you need to keep supply chains moving, networks connected, and customers satisfied, we have the products and technologies that are right for you.

Compute Endpoints and Intelligent Edge

Embedded Systems, IoT, Servers, Workstations, Whitebox, Gateways

Visual Solutions

Display, TFT, LCD Controller Cards, Touch Screens, Monitors, and Customized Solutions

Software and Components

Operating Systems, Boards, Processors, Memory

Data Center and Cloud

Servers, Storage, Networking, and Cloud

Digitize Retail Stores and Venues with Comprehensive AI-Based Solutions

Digital solutions can automate footfall analytics using AI and offer deep insights into human behavior in retail and event environments. Learn how Arrow and Neoteros executed a comprehensive and sophisticated Dynamic Business Intelligence (DBI) suite that allowed businesses to communicate with in-store customers, analyze their behavior, and create personalized experiences.

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Retail technology solutions by design

Through a comprehensive combination of leading technology partners, edge products, and services, Arrow can support you in building and deploying retail solutions across the globe, fast, and with ease. No matter if you are an original equipment manufacturer, independent software vendor, or systems integrator, our team brings the technical depth and implementation experience required for digitization and in-store retail infrastructure.



How we support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Prototyping
  • Hardware engineering
  • Testing and certification
  • Supply chain & inventory
  • New customer & business growth opportunities
  • Financing

How we support Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

  • Engineering expertise
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Legacy hardware support
  • Hardware/software bundling
  • Renevue model transitions
  • Go-to-market-support
  • Supply chain management
  • Technical and post-sales support

How we support System Integrators (SIs)

  • Technology partnerships
  • Hardware/software integration
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Purpose-built solutions
  • Supply chain management
  • Technical and post-sales support
  • Business scalability

On-Demand Webinar: Empowering System Integrators – Unlocking Retail’s Future

Watch on-demand as retail experts from Arrow and Intel share how the retail landscape is evolving and how system integrators can unlock the full potential of cutting-edge retail technologies.

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