NichiconLLS2W151MELZCapacitor Aluminum Electrolytic

Cap Aluminum Lytic 150uF 450V 20% (22 X 40mm) Snap-In 10mm 1180mA 3000h 85°C Bulk

The pure aluminum anode on the electrolytic LLS2W151MELZ electrolytic capacitor, designed from Nichicon, is the solution to your signal filtering needs. It can withstand a voltage of 450 VDC. This aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a maximum operating temperature of 85 °C. This product is 40 mm tall with a diameter of 22 mm. The LLS2W151MELZ aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a snap-in termination style. Its capacitance value is 150uF. This part has a lead diameter of 0.8 mm and a pitch of 10 mm. It has a tolerance of 20%. Its leakage current is 770@5Min μA.

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