Resistors is an authorized distributor of resistors and resistor components from top manufacturers including KOA Speer, Vishay, TE Connectivity, Bourns, Panasonic, NIC Components, IRC and more. We have resistors in-stock for all applications including single surface mount, single through hole, trimmers, potentiometers and rheostats, as well as a variety of kits, networks and arrays, and other accessories.

What is a resistor?

A resistor is a passive electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current through a circuit. The current is calculated via Ohm's law: V = IR. Resistance value, tolerance, and sometimes even temperature coefficient can be determined by reading the color code, indicated by a series of colored bands on the side of the component.

Use of Resistors in Electronics

Resistors can be used to limit the current flow through a diode and to terminate a transmission line and prevent reflections. Two can be used to create a voltage divider that produces an output voltage proportional the resistance values. A general-purpose input/output (GPIO) transceiver can have its output set by a large pull-up or pull-down resistor that is overridden when the GPIO becomes active.

Formulas for resistors in series and parallel:

Req = ƩiRi if in a series
1/Req = Ʃi 1/Ri if in parallel

Form Factor Considerations:

Resistors are created using a variety of materials, including carbon composite, carbon film, metal film, and wire wound. Consumer electronics require them to be small and precise, whereas industrial applications may require them to be capable of dissipating large amounts of power, so they end up being larger.

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