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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Intel Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix

Your solution and your brand

Powerful technology, branded by you, supported by Arrow.

We are living in a world where virtual servers are no longer tied to hardware. In the past, designing and building solutions meant valuable time and resources were spent on investigation, testing, preparation, and support – even before they could be sold to customers or placed in a data centre.

Now, software-defined applications and virtualised servers can run within one manufactured stack of computing, avoiding hardware vendor lock-in and at significantly lowering the cost. As a solution provider, this offers you the unique opportunity to not only market under your own brand but to power your customers data centre with the technology you believe in.

You can now supply a high-quality, customisable system that is pre-built, market-validated, and includes the latest Intel hardware and Nutanix software, complete with 24/7 Arrow support.

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Arrow’s Intel® Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix Cloud is a fully validated and certified solution play for the HCI market.


Off-the-shelf options

Combining validated Intel servers with certified Nutanix Enterprise cloud software, means you can now offer customers a dynamic and flexible HCI platform, while increasing profit margins by being in complete control of the supply chain.

You can choose from workload-optimised or pre-configured systems or even create a bespoke server for your customer’s individual needs, ranging from a single order to a full digital platform. Combine with your own services to provide cost-effective, ready-to-use solutions, that pass on the long-term benefits of reducing total cost of ownership to customers.

Why Arrow?

Since the 1960s Arrow has been designing and building solutions for Operational Technology (OT) Partners and as an Intel Authorised Partner and Distributor, we can offer a customised portfolio with solutions that are 90% ready to sell and install. The last 10% are the services that you add, making the solutions branded to your business and offering first line of contact for questions and support.

By using our Global Services Integration Capacity and regional Integration Centres, Arrow is able to provide best-in-class services according to the highest quality standards.