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Date, make friends & meet new solutions

Date, make friends & meet
new solutions

For you as a partner, we will help you drive more value into the verticals where you have solid foothold, by connecting you with the ISV solutions supporting your position in the market. All the solutions should contribute to UN’s Sustainability goals. Together, we can make the world a little bit better, one match at the time.

Our ISV solutions

One click away from e-invoicing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Hyperautomation in e-invoicing to make work easy. Unimaze makes your Company stand out with seamless ERP integration, unique added-value products and great internal communication features.

The Unimaze platform is a practical and intuitive SaaS solution easy to launch & enjoy, especially for Business Central users. Take a look at our products. 

  • AutoCoding for automation of accounting codes‘ and other data input 
  • E-Invoice Approval System for flawless and fast approvals 
  • Digitizer for transforming documents of different formats into digital ones 
  • Many more handy features and solutions for your daily work optimization  

Omnichannel NPS based CX platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the leading fully integrated NPS based CX solution for Microsoft. Handle your customer satisfaction and loyalty across marketing, sales, service, and delivery without manual processes, without switching between systems, and without a large IT project. Setup automated satisfaction and loyalty surveys, get an overview of your costumers’ experiences, take actions based on the customers ratings and feedback, and improve customer loyalty – all implemented today.

  • Measure, understand, and act on customer feedback
  • Automate your experience and loyalty surveys
  • Analyze customer feedback
  • Take action in your current IT-systems

Focus on your business, not software

A Plug and Play Microsoft Office Learning Universe. With our online academy and content package, you get a collection of 20+ high-quality, evergreen MS365 courses ready to be marketed and sold. There is no simpler way to stay up to date on Microsoft’s collaboration tools than this.

  • Empower Businesses to Grow through Learning
  • Create, Educate & Grow Your Digitized Business
  • Use data to create an overview over your results


Intelligent managementof the flexible workspace

An office workplace is on average up to 40 per cent. of the time. Or rather: That was the way it was before the shutdown and the new times. MyDesk is a Danish platform developed for efficient management of modern, flexible workplaces.

  • Desk booking - Simple and user-friendly desk booking process, built to support the modern office.
  • Meeting rooms - Visual meeting room booking that integrates with Outlook and most displays on the market.
  • Parking, canteen, and guest registrations - If your employees have access to parking lots, EV charger and canteen, or guest must register when accessing the building Then MyDesk also have a module that supports this.


Improve your organization through video

Focused Business Man Doing Tech Research

Trainingtube’s video tool will help increase efficiency and value when new IT systems and business process are implemented, you are onboarding new employees or communicating small or big strategy changes.

  • Simplify communication, training, and support
  • Ensure a successful ROI on your software investments
  • Automatically translate your content with machine learning
  • Share securely with your ecosystem


Reinventing Fashion Stores

Connecting online and offline for the sake of customer convenience.
The physical store becomes digital, and customers can interact and buy all items through their phone in the store or at home.

  • Best in-store experience: Zliide elevates the in-store experience by introducing self-checkout anywhere in the store enabled through the Zliide Tag.
  • Customer data like never before: Whether in-store or online, Zliide collects data that can help retailers analyze their customers and make data-driven decisions.
  • Probably the fastest fashion delivery: Zliide offer 3-hour delivery directly from the store to the end-customer

Artificial intelligence to empower patient engagements

Young Woman Doctor Holding A Tablet

Automatic quality assurance for all your patient consultations.
A simple but powerful AI-powered infrastructure, that will listen in during patient consultations, reduce your workload, and remove mistakes when you talk to patients.

  • Automatic quality assurance for all your patient consultations
  • Benefit from best-practice recommendations.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Identify insights that create your competitive advantage

CatMan Solution helps you spend less time analyzing data and more time gaining actionable insights and recommendations from it. Everything we do is to make your decision and strategies more data-backed and less reliant on guesswork.
We can handle all types of data i.e., POS (Point of Sales), Sell-in, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Market data etc. and we know which measures works the best for you.

  • Track Your Sales Performance in Real-time
  • See Sales Analytics in Action
  • Become more data-driven than ever before!
  • Use Data to Win More Sales and Customers
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