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Combining world-leading technology with its thorough understanding of how child sexual abuse material is disseminated online.

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About NetClean

Data shows that 1 in 500 employees use their company device to access and consume CSAM, an illicit behaviour exposing businesses to threats such as malware, blackmailing, extortion, P2P networks and the darknet. The risk is real and growing. NetClean's software is a vital part of every organisation’s security portfolio and a strong complement to other risk mitigation solutions, effectively keeping corporate IT environments safe, protecting the company, its assets, employees, and brand.

NetClean Impact and its solutions ProActive and ProTective are developed for computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage. They are used in more than 110 countries by both multi-national enterprises and the public sector and are installed at over 1.5 million endpoints.

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Arrow and NetClean

Through the partnership between NetClean and Arrow, we streamline the customer purchasing process and make it easier than ever to incorporate the NetClean product range into customers’ existing IT security portfolio. NetClean's scalable products are integrated with trusted global technology platforms such as VMware Carbon Black, VMware Workspace One, and Splunk Enterprise Security and can easily be packaged as an MSP or SOC offering.


NetClean product offering

NetClean Impact offers comprehensive real-time protection of work computers, mobile devices and cloud storage from child sexual abuse material – all in one package. Using advanced and secure detection methods such as robust and binary hashing and URL blocking, the software suite is effortless and operates discreetly in the background on the device / endpoint with a minimal performance impact. Built on experience and engineered for impact, NetClean’s software plugs seamlessly into existing security setups and platforms, providing broad coverage with flexible license options and a fit-for-purpose pricing model.

NetClean Impact and Carbon Black

Through the interoperability with VMware Carbon Black, it is possible to conduct more advanced and thorough investigations of incidents reported by NetClean ProActive. The powerful capabilities of Carbon Black can provide additional and vital case info, such as extended data and analysis of the user and endpoint that triggered the incident, thus aiding both the internal investigation and collaboration with law enforcement.

NetClean Impact and Workspace ONE

By using VMware Workspace ONE, it is easy to deploy, install and manage NetClean’s detection and blocking solutions on any device in a secure and controlled way. VMware Workspace ONE enables global reach and continuous maintenance of endpoints and devices through one platform, even to a remote and dispersed workforce. It also provides control and visibility across the entire stack of devices, and easy handling of updates and lifecycle asset management.

Through the integration of NetClean solutions to VMware Workspace ONE, the customer has easy access to endpoints and devices, and can be sure to have the latest blocking lists and signature updates to detect and block child sexual abuse material.

NetClean Impact consists of:

NetClean ProActive

ProActive protects endpoints and cloud storage and works similar to anti-virus software, by finding images and videos that law enforcement have classified as child sexual abuse material.

  • Detects CSAM based on law enforcement classifications
  • Real-time detection and response
  • Effortless and operates discreetly in the background
  • Minimal impact on device performance
  • Detects on file level using advanced hashing technology
  • Always on – online and offline

NetClean ProTective

NetClean ProTective offers vital protection for business mobile devices by blocking access to websites known to contain child sexual abuse material. The uniquely combined and continually updated URL list, from some of the world’s primary and dedicated sources, makes it an effective protective solution.

  • Blocks web pages on both Android and iOS devices
  • Uses a uniquely combined blocklist of web page URLs known to contain child sexual abuse material
  • The URLs in the blocklist come from trusted national and international sources
  • The continually updated blocklist ensures high accuracy and coverage
  • ProTective integrates easily with mobile device management (MDM) systems such as VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune
  • Works both on and off work premises

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