Introducing SiT9005 Spread-Spectrum for EMI Reduction

The SiT9005 is a new spread-spectrum product family delivering a plug and play EMI reduction solution that easily surpasses the competition. Watch the video to find out how the SiT9005 provides an easy, fast and flexible solution to reduce EMI without using any additional software.

Hi again. This is Brett Hanebrink, SiTime Corporation.

SiTime is on the move, introducing a new spread spectrum crystal oscillator device, the SiT9005 series of products. The SiT9005 is a plug-n-play EMI reduction solution which is targeting applications in the industrial, consumer, and computing markets. Parts are available for sampling and ordering today.

The SiT9005 provides two type of solutions: FlexEdge and Spread Spectrum. FlexEdge solves clock trace EMI while the Spread Spectrum solves both clock trace and serial or parallel data link EMI.

FlexEdge is used to make the rise and fall time slower. This reduces EMI on clock trace harmonics.

You can see it on the left side graph, as the rise and fall time is slowed down, there is a direct correlation to the reduction in harmonics as seen on the right.

On this slide, you can see on the graphs, that when the spread is on, the EMI reduction is up to 17 dB as noted by the results on the graph on the right. The red line presents No Spread and the blue line represents a Center Spread of plus or minus 1.75%.

This next slide represents a class B radiated emissions test.

You can see on the left where the peak readings for the Quartz Spread Spectrum crystal oscillator fails at approximately 44dB. The SiT9005 passes with a 5.4dB of margin.

A few examples for industrial, consumer and computing markets facing EMI issues, are with camera sensors and surveillance, touch panel displays, printers and motor control. The SiT9005 provides easy, fast, flexible solutions and reduces EMI.

Unlike typical spread spectrum ICs, there is no software needed. The parts are drop-in replacements so no PCB change is required and there are eight drive strength options that use both triangular and Hershey Kiss profiles for better EMI reduction.

Some of the key features for the SiT9005 are as follows:

• Smallest package, available in a 2.0 by 1.6 millimeter squared package.
• Best manufacturability option utilizing a SOT23 package.
• Best frequency stability at plus or minus 20 ppm over temperature from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees Celsius.
• Best robustness, boasting a best-in-class AC coupling noise injection immunity, which is ten times better than quartz.
• With superior shock and vibration resistance which is actually 30 times better than quartz.

When comparing the SiT9005 to Quartz Spread Spectrum, Resonator Spread Spectrum ICs, and a Mechanical Filter or cover, the SiTime device comes out on top with ease of use, speed to solve the EMI issue, and cost effectiveness. Here are a few examples of EMI issues that the SiT9005 parts can solve.

Printer applications on the CIS module with the clock trace, sees interference. These parts come in four package sizes, 2.0 by 1.6, 2.5 by 2.0, 3.2 by 2.5, and a SOT23. Camera modules also see interference in serial and parallel data link.

Finally, touch panel displays, where in this example, the controller had interference going to the peripheral. EMI was reduced to a plus or minus 1.5% center spread. These parts also come with the same package as previously stated.

In summary, SiTime has introduced a new product family of spread spectrum crystal oscillator devices which is a plug-n-play solution for EMI reduction.

Thanks for watching.



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