Ten Things You Didn’t Know Arrow Sells

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Of course you know that Arrow Electronics sells everything under the sun when it comes to board level components. From oscillators and crystals to capacitors and microcontrollers, we’ve got you covered. But arrow.com goes far deeper than your everyday circuit board electronics. We’ve got products that will surprise you, intrigue you, and maybe even down right shock you (some literally!).

Our product portfolio is constantly expanding with thousands of new products added monthly. As we strive to become your preferred online distributor for anything electronics or engineering, we also offer industrial supplies and even hobbyist component kits.  

Today I will take you to the depths of arrow.com to show you ten different Arrow products that you probably didn’t know we sell.

1. Tiny Solar Panels from Panasonic

These tiny Amorton light-to-voltage solar cells from Panasonic are only 35mm X 13.9mm, perfect for small off grid sensors. They are comprised of amorphous silicon solar cells with glass insulation. The tiny solar panels were designed to function well with fluorescent lights and thus will even work indoors or in factory settings to help reduce maintenance on sensors. You will often see this style solar cell in calculators, clocks, garden or sensor lights, and even battery chargers.

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Panasonic Solar Cells View

2. ESD Ergonomic Tweezers from Erem

The E2ASA precision tweezer from Erem, by Weller, is perfect for meticulous ESD-safe applications. It is comprised of a special non-magnetic stainless steel body and a thermally-insulated, soft grip ergonomic handle. The straight and flat round tips offer a 2mm width, and the full length of the tweezer is about 125mm.

3. 3D Printer Filament from Arrow Labs

Are you looking to 3D print a case for your next DIY electronics creation? What about prototyping your design or even 3D printing that cool thingamajig you saw online? Arrow Labs offers over 25 different colors of 3D printer filament in both 1.75 mm and 2.88 mm standard diameter sizes. The filament is available in ABS, PLA, PETg, and TPU materials. Arrow Labs filament is offered in full 1 kg spools as well as 3 meter sample lengths if you aren’t ready to fully commit to a color.

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Arrow Labs 3D Printing Filaments View

4. ESD Surface and Mat Cleaner from Desco Industries

Need a carton of static dissipative solution to clean your ESD mats, equipment, or computer monitors and keyboards? This Reztore cleaner from Desco is perfect for ESD cleaning because it does not contain silicone, and its special formula will not dry out ESD mats with prolonged use. The solution will clean without leaving residue or degrading a surface’s ability to drain charges. It is available in spray or wipe form.

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Desco Industries Cleaning Agents View

5. AC Power Meters from Murata Power Solutions

Do you want an easy way to continuously monitor system health and efficiency via AC power? This panel mount AC power meter from Murata provides a large 7.6mm bright LED display that can be read from 10 feet away. The rugged IP67/NEMA 6 moisture protection housing is perfect for industrial settings. Measure and display true-rms voltage of your AC power system by simply connecting any 85 to 264Vac 50/60Hz power source. As an added bonus, the self-powered meter is fully operational without the need for any additional components or power sources.

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Murata Power Solutions Panel Meters View

6. Duct Sealant Putty from Panduit

Commonly used for HVAC applications, this oil-based compound from Panduit seals irregular openings from air, dust, or water. The duct sealant is non-hardening and adheres to metal, masonry, wood, or plastic to provide safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive vibration dampening without staining hands. It meets UL 514A requirements for sealing an electrical outlet box cover and comes in a one pound package.

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Panduit Cable Accessories View

7. Light Bulbs from Visual Communications

Did you know we sell standard screw base lighting as well as those that can be soldered down or snapped into a socket? This 120V incandescent bulb with a candelabra screw lamp base offers C-7A filament, an S-6 bulb, and an average bulb life of 1500 hours. It has a current rating of 0.05A and emits 41 lumens.

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VCC (Visual Communications Company, LLC) Lamps View

8. Product Literature Pockets from Hammond Manufacturing

Do you have too many product datasheets and brochures cluttering your desk? Do you want to mount frequently used literature closer to the machine it applies to? Why not mount a literature pocket for easy out-of-the-way storage? This kit includes the plastic black pocket, high strength two-sided adhesive tape, and a surface preparation swab. The PKT66 is for slimmer datasheets at 6.0 x 6.0 x 0.75 inches.

9. Speakers from DB Unlimited

These round, 50mm diameter speakers from DB Unlimited are the perfect way to bring life or song to your latest project. The dynamic speakers have a 250 mW power rating, 450 Hz frequency and 8 Ohms impedance, and they offer a sound pressure level of 102 dBA. At only a 17mm depth, they are designed to flush mount for big sound with a low profile.

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DB Unlimited Speakers View

10. Heat Shrink Tubing from TE Connectivity

Are you tired of electrical taping all of your splices together? Wouldn’t it be great to color code your wiring rather than having to trace it back to the source during trouble-shooting? Heat shrink is the perfect solution for easily securing splices. By using multiple colors, your heat shrink can even act as visual organization that greatly simplifies maintenance and trouble-shooting.

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TE Connectivity Heat Shrink View

BONUS! Lightning Sensor from ams AG

That’s right, you can detect lightning! The AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor™ demo kit is a fully operational handheld sensor designed to estimate the distance to the head of an upcoming storm. The IC detects the presence and approach of potentially hazardous lightning activity from up to 40 km away. It monitors intra-cloud activity and cloud-to-ground flashes to warn and mitigate risk of an oncoming storm. The lightning sensor also identifies and rejects interference signals from common man-made sources such as fluorescent lighting, motors, and microwave ovens. Detected lighting events are shown on the LCD as well as alerted with an audio signal.

So there you have it! Now that you understand the true scope of our product portfolio, be sure to check arrow.com the next time you need, well, pretty much anything!


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