OSRAM Opto Semiconductor’s High-Power LED Technology

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OSRAM Opto makes you take full advantage of their vertical integration from LED manufacturing to custom LED module design that provides you a simple and straight path to highly efficient and reliable LED solutions, helping you accelerate your time to market.

Feature and Benefits of High-Power Custom L2 Modules

The High-Power Custom L2 modules are tailored to meet your requirements for your applications and includes their premium board specifications and their high quality and reliability. Not only does OSRAM provide you the premium quality but also provides logistic support with their simplified supply chain and application support, including easy access to performance upgrades. All these advantages translate to a faster time-to-market for your applications.

Available High-Power (1-4 W) L2 LED Package Options

OSRAM Opto features many High-Power LED package options to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for a specific packaging, viewing angle, color, CRI, luminous flux, luminous efficacy, radiant flux, corrosion robustness, and much more.

OSCONIQ® P 3737 Family


The OSCONIQ® P 3737 Family (PDF Link to Family Product to be included*) comes in two power levels, 2 and 3 Watts. The packaging comes in a new SMD epoxy package with silicone lens with superior corrosion robustness. The color that these LEDs emit can range from 3000 K (Warm White) to 6500K (Cool Daylight White), making these great for applications that include street and tunnel lighting, outdoor lighting, and industrial lighting.

OSLON® Square Family


If you’re looking for a compact (3 mm x 3 mm) high-power LED (2W Class) that allows dense clustering and simple circuit designs, the OSLON® Square Family (PDF Link to Family Product to be included*) fits your requirements. This LED family keeps the efficiency remarkably high even when driven at high currents because of its extremely low thermal resistance, giving it high reliability and long lifetime. It comes packaged in a SMT ceramic package with silicone resin and silicone lens that comes in 3000K – 6500K white, deep blue, or hyper red lighting. Application that are efficient for this series include architectural lighting, stage lighting, shop lighting, color changing fixture, remote-phosphor fixtures, and horticultural lighting.



The OSLON® SSL Family (PDF Link to Family Product to be included*) delivers the high efficacy that professional indoor and outdoor lighting needs. The ceramic based packaging adds long lifetime applications and with its reasonable thermal management, it can last up to more than 50,000 hours. The OSLON® SSL Family comes in white or a wide arrange of saturated colors to ideally match your indoor or outdoor environment.

DURIS® S 8 Family


The DURIS® S 8 Family (PDF Link to Family Product to be included*) brings the advantages of mid-power SMT package technology into the high luminous flux performance of devices.  It comes in a white SMT package with colored diffused silicone resin that features a small white light emitting surface of 4.6 mm diameter that ranges from 2700K – 4000 K. The low thermal resistance enables it to have high operating power. With its small light emitting surface and flux levels, it is the perfect choice for retrofits, downlights and spotlights.

The New OSLON® Pure


OSRAM Opto is coming out with their new OSLON® Pure that comes in an incredible package of 1 x 1 mm. These OSLON® Pure LEDs are Lambertian emitters presenting the highest luminance available on the market. This makes them the ideal LEDs for retail lighting that need high light output to illuminate their showcased product. This means that high class shops, brand fashion boutiques, small luminaire designs, and jewelry stores would all be enhanced with the lighting emitting from the OSLON® Pure LEDs.

See OSRAM’s Ultra High-Power LED, The OSCONIQ® P 7070



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