NIC Performance Passives

As technology becomes smaller, faster, and exposed to extreme environments, every single component must rise to the challenge.

It used to not matter what resistors were used to provide feedback to a voltage regulator in an LED driver, but now even simple passives must be accurate, tiny, and able to withstand high temperatures.  NIC Components continues to innovate from the bottom up with expanded offerings of high performance passives. 

Low ESR Capacitors

The Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) of a capacitor comes from many factors including resistance losses within the metal conductors, losses from the dielectric and the component manufacturing technique. While standard values of 100mOhm or less will not affect a standard DC circuit, the ESR can become an issue as the switching frequency of the system rises, especially when the capacitor is used as part of an output filter. Resistance in any form also inherently absorbs power, creating heat and reducing efficiency.  The lower the ESR, the less heat is generated and the better the efficiency of the overall system. 

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NIC Components Capacitor Aluminum Polymer View

Specialty Resistors

Many designs rely heavily on the ability to accurately sense operating currents, yet the selection of current sensing resistors is often the last thing on a designer’s mind.  It is no longer as simple as finding any old 0.1ohm resistor and dropping it into a circuit.  Current sensing resistors need to be small, accurate, temperature tolerant and capable of handling high currents.  High current, even flowing through a very low ohm resistor, can generate a large amount of power that must be dissipated in that resistor.  The NCSR series can handle up to 3W in a 2515 SMD package at values from 0.0005 ohms up to 0.012 ohms.   

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NIC Components Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount View

When space is a primary design concern, the minimum clearance between individual passives can frustrate designers.  The NRSNE series of ultra-miniature resistor arrays alleviates that problem with up to 4 separate resistors in a single 0502 package.  Even 0201 resistors could not fit together that closely if placed individually, so these arrays can be a complete game changer for compact high density circuit designs.

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NIC Components Resistor Networks and Arrays View

Size and temperature stability tend to be universal concerns, but the needs for resistors in a system are as unique as the system itself.  Whether you need the sulfur resistant NRC-AS series, the anti-corrosive NTRC series, or the automotive grade NTRA series, NIC Components has the resistor you need.

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NIC Components Inductor Surface Mount View

Power Inductors

Inductors show up in most power designs and can easily blow the budget of a designer hoping for another $0.02 passive.  NIC’s inductors can give you high inductance, high current ratings, or both in small packages with low DCR and low budgetary impact.  The NPIS series is capable of currents over 30A in surface mount packages with low DCR, while the NPIM*P series marries high current capacity with low resistance and low profile, surface mount packages.  The NPIM145C4R7MTRF has an inductance of 4.7uH, can handle 12A at only 15mOhm DCR, in a 14x13 SMD package.

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NIC Components Inductor Surface Mount View

Specialty LEDs

Passive indicator LEDs are common enough, but it can be tricky to find the right color, especially if the desired wavelength is extremely short. NIC Components has chosen to fill the gap in UV LEDs with a range of products from 1mW emitters at very short wavelengths, to 3W quad emitters in compact 6mm square packages.  Get down to a peak wavelength of only 278nm with the NUVC66DW278TRF, perfect for disinfection applications.  Add an easily detectable 400nm light to a system for less than $10 with the NUVA33U395TRF, rated at a current of 500mA, in a 3030package.  The similar NUVA35 line of LEDs has viewing angles from 45deg to 120deg.  If you need to create a small sun, the NUAV77 series can provide up to 3W of radiant flux and thermal resistance of under 2deg/W for curing or photo catalyst applications. 

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NIC Components LEDs View


Think NIC

Whether you need a low ESR capacitor for a high frequency design or a small resistor to measure several amps of current, NIC Components recognizes the need for better passive components in smaller packages, at reasonable price points. Explore now.

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