Smaller MOSFET, Higher power

MOSFET, a commonly seen power semiconductor device, is the FET that can be massively used in analog and digital circuits. As more and more electronic devices are required to have a smaller size, the demand of a MOSFET with smaller footprint is increasing. LFPAK56D, the new MOSFET from Nexperia, can meet such requirements.

Dual MOSFET can effectively decrease device sizes

Over the past few decades, the size of MOSFET has continually decreased. In the early process of MOSFETs, the channel length was around several μms. However, in today’s IC process, this parameter has already reduced tens of times, even hundreds. Until late 90’s, the size of a MOSFET continued to decrease and this resulted in the significant improvement of IC performance. These technological breakthroughs are closely related to the progress of semiconductor processes.

When talking about the size of a MOSFET, the smaller the better. The decreased channel length of a smaller MOSFET can achieve lower equivalent resistance and higher current flow. Though the channel width may thus be lowered and result in an increase of channel equivalent resistance, this problem can be solved if the unit resistance can be reduced.

Meanwhile, the smaller gate area of a smaller MOSFET can decrease equivalent gate capacitance. Furthermore, a smaller gate generally comes with a thinner gate oxide, which can lower the previously mentioned channel unit resistance. Though such changes also lead to a bigger gate capacitance, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages when compared to the lowered channel resistance. The switching speed of a smaller MOSFET also becomes faster because of the above-mentioned two factors.

Nexperia, a company separated from Standard Products business line of NXP in early 2017, launches a new range of 80V dual Power-SO8 MOSFET in the popular LFPAK56D package. Utilizing the copper clip gull wing package technology, LFPAK56D offers two isolated MOSFET in one Power-SO8 package. The LFPAK56D (31 mm2) occupies 77% less PCB space than two DPAK’s (140 mm2) or 50% less space than a single Power-SO8 device, offering significant savings in space, weight, and cost.

The release of the new 80V technology extends Nexperia’s LFPAK family of gull wing, copper clip devices in LFPAK56, LFPAK56D and LFPAK33, providing ultimate flexibility for customers to optimize their design for performance, flexibility and size. With the application of this new 80V range of MOSFETs, Nexperia now offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of devices, ranging from 30V to 100V.

LFPAK56D is generally used in applications such as solenoid control, motor control and DC/DC power conversion, with the 80V portfolio specifically aimed at engine management and LED lighting applications. Engine management is a strictly demanding application field, with PCB modules exposed to harsh environments. These temperature cycles cause the PCB to expand and contract leading to significant stress on PCB solder points. Because of the unique design of LFPAK56D, these stresses on PCB solder points will be absorbed resulting in excellent board level reliability. In strictly demanding applications such as engine management, derailleur transmission control and ABS / ESP systems, through combining innovative internal and external packages features, LFPAK56D is the ideal MOSFET for engine management system applications. LFPAK56D is fully qualified to AEC-Q101 and also integrates excellent performance, quality, and reliability.

LFPAK56D utilizes Nexperia’s cutting-edge copper clip technology to combine two MOSFETs into one robust package allowing exceptional current handling, ultra-low package resistance, supreme robustness and reliability, without compromising the performance. Nexperia’s LFPAK56D is suitable for various applications including engine management systems.

By packing two MOSFETs into a single package, LFPAK56D is perfect for saving space. As for thermal ability, the application of copper clip technology can increase the power capability within a compact footprint. Features including 5.8mΩ ultra-low on-resistance at 40V, no internal line connection, industry-leading performance, reliability, manufacturability, higher board level reliability make it easy to conduct optical tests with LFPAK56D. Robust solder points and the support of rated current up to 40A (every channel) enable LFPAK56D to realize high transient robustness and exceptional performance.

With the brand new processes and package technologies, the size of a MOSFET is significantly lowered, with high power, better performance and excellent reliability. Nexperia’s 80V dual Power-SO8 MOSFET in LFPAK56D is your best choice for power device.

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