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Automotive solutions require the highest standards of quality, delivery, and service for all components involved. High standards increase the reliability in safety and driving assistance for your automotive applications. KEMET Electronics provides electronic component solutions for customers demanding these high standards with their broad selection of capacitor technologies, along with their expanding range of electromechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions, and supercapacitors.

KEMET’s Products excel on supporting key automotive applications with their reliable features and capabilities. These key automotive applications are Automotive Powertrain, Automotive Chassis & Safety, and Advanced Driver- Assistance System (ADAS) & Infotainment.

Automotive Powertrain

The powertrain subsystem of an automotive vehicle is comprised of all the devices and systems in charge of propulsion of the car. This includes the engine, transmission, energy recovery systems, electric motors, and all their associated sensors and controllers.

Specific applications that fall under the powertrain subsystem include electronic engine control, battery control unit, starter generator, throttle control valve, and electric drive system.

KEMET offers high temperature options in Ceramic, Tantalum, and Aluminum Electrolytic Dielectrics. Automotive powertrain applications require capacitors that can withstand harsh temperature up to 200°C and beyond. KEMET also provides reliable transformers for these high-power applications.

KEMET’s Axial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors  are specifically designed to be vibration resistant. They provide both high voltage and high capacitance in a small package with industry-leading low equivalent series resistance (ESR); all with an operational temperature of up to 150°C.


Automotive Chassis & Safety

The automotive chassis involves applications such as the hydraulic control, electronic stability control (ESC), and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). While the automotive safety relates to the safety subsystems for a car that provides passengers with highly responsive and accurate safety features (anti-lock brakes, airbags, lane detection, crash avoidance, etc.).

When it comes to automotive chassis & safety, the capacitors require high reliability and conservative designs. KEMET’s Capacitors rise to the challenge along with the Power Inductors, they give you the ease of mind when designing your automotive chassis & safety system.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Infotainment

For the ADAS, applications tend to involve adaptive cruise control (ACC), blind spot detection (BSD), rear cross traffic alert (RCTA), and lane departure warning (LDW). These all fit within using sensors as their connection to the environment around the vehicle.

The Infotainment module relates to the in-cabin display screen controller where you will see information of your vehicle and the environment you are in, including navigation and entertainment.

These applications are increasing the number of microprocessors that are being utilized in all automotive systems that can support higher performance CPUs. Like the other automotive application areas, this area is also critical in needing high reliability and long operational life components.

KEMET’s products fits these critical needs for your ADAS & Infotainment.

KEMET’s X7R and C0G Ceramics Series are perfect for the support of microprocessors, as they feature low parasitics such as low ESR and equivalent series inductance (ESL). High capacitance is also available in small packages with their high-performance polymer surface mount capacitors.

You can find the X7R Ceramics Series Here. 

For the C0G Ceramic Series, Check Here. 

KEMET also features Ceramic Capacitors (HiQ-CBR Series) that allows wireless technologies (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to enable audio benefit on your system.

The Flex Suppressor EMI Suppression Sheets also play an important factor in eliminating Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in all these sensitive systems.


KEMET’s Automotive Capacitors 


Knowing what KEMET can offer in terms of automotive solutions is only the first step in finding the provider for your next automotive application design. The next step is to take a deeper dive into what specific product from KEMET you will need!

If you need a quick overview of the capacitors and their advantages, functions, and temperature vs. capacitance rate, check KEMET’s Automotive Capacitors Brochure (PDF).

KEMET’s Automotive Capacitor Selection Guide (PDF) can provide more details about what they can offer when it comes to capacitors.

KEMET’s Polymer Capacitors or their Automotive Solutions Page here on to find the capacitor you need!

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