Intelligent power and sensing for autonomous machines

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Autonomous machines combine machine vision, robotics, motor control, and other applications to create environments with improved safety and efficiency. The addition of autonomy in any design adds additional complexity to the design process. For example, autonomous mobile robots possess self-driving car-like capabilities and consist of intricate designs comprising sub-systems that enable them to move, perceive, and function securely with minimal human intervention. onsemi simplifies this intricacy by providing dependable intelligent power and sensing solutions that serve as the fundamental building blocks of your design. Our sub-system solutions, which include robust, high-resolution imaging systems, high-power motor control, and compact and highly efficient battery charging solutions, are all built using decades of experience serving the automotive industry.

Meet the onsemi Autonomous Mobile Robot Concept

The onsemi Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) concept is a comprehensive robotics solution designed with highly efficient and innovative solutions from onsemi. The concept can be used to design various types of Robots, Cobots, Power tools and Autonomous Guided Vehicles by combining different intelligent and power solutions from onsemi.

Some of the main hardware platforms are:

onsemi Products Platform Name Function
onsemi ProductsNCV7685 - Automotive LED Linear Current Driver Platform NameSTR-NCV7685-AUTO-LED-GEVB Function
  • AMR front & back warning lights
  • Turn signal
onsemi ProductsNCL31000 - Intelligent LED Driver (Visible Light Communication) Platform NameNCL31000ASGEVB Function
  • AMR charging mode indicator
  • Driving
  • Following
onsemi ProductsNCS32100 - Industrial Dual Inductive Rotary Position Sensor Platform NameSTR-NCS32100-GEVK Function
  • Wheel rotation detector
onsemi ProductsAR0234CS - Full HD Color Global Shutter Camera Platform NameSee3CAM_24CUG Function
  • Person and object detection
  • Wall charger location
onsemi ProductsECS640A - ecoSpin™BLDC motor controller +MCU, 600V Platform NameSimilar Evaluation Board: STR-ECS640A-GEVK Function
  • Motor drive for wheel x4
onsemi ProductsFAN65008B - Synchronous PWM Buck Regulator (DC-DC) Platform NameSTR-FAN65008B-GEVB Function
  • AMR power to:
    • NVIDIA
    • Motor
    • LiDAR
onsemi ProductsRSL10 SIP - Bluetooth® 5.2 Certified, SDK 3.6 Platform NameRSL10-SENSE-GEVK Function
  • Data Communication

Image Sensors for Machine Vision

Image sensing is a critical element of a variety of modern technologies — automation, robotics, security systems, medical applications, drones, traffic cameras and driver assistance systems, are just a few examples where image sensing ensures that critical tasks are accomplished without a glitch. Image sensing has seen massive growth in recent years due to its increased application in vision systems for IoT. Embedding the right image sensor technology into IoT end nodes can drive greater accuracy in inspection, depth sensing, object recognition, and tracking.

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Industrial Rotary Position Sensor – NCS32100

The NCS32100 offers a full featured controller and sensor interface for high resolution high accuracy angular sensing when paired with a printed circuit board sensor. The sensor consists of two PCBs: a rotor with two printed inductors and a stator with printed inductors and encoder IC.

onsemi is leveraging over 20 years of experience in making inductive sensors in automotive applications to bring a new approach that is designed for high accuracy, high-speed industrial applications with absolute positioning. Position sensor solutions today excel at speed, accuracy, or cost. The NCS32100 has high accuracy, high reliability, low cost, flexible sensor diameter options, and high-speed operation.


  • +/-50 arcsec accuracy for a 38mm sensor
    • 38mm diameter was chosen for the NCS32100 reference design, but a wide range of sizes are supported (~20mm to ~200mm)
    • Maintained up to +/-140um in any direction from center
  • 6,000 RPM full accuracy
  • 45,000 RPM maximum
  • 20-bit single-turn resolution output & 24-bit multi-turn resolution output
  • Latency Extrapolation - can be configured to negate system latencies by using extrapolation filters
  • Low Pass Filtering - Options for filtering position and velocity outputs with 16, 32, 64, or 128 coefficients
  • Open Coil Detect - NCS32100 can be configured to check for unintended breaks in the sensor coils
  • Position auto zero - user can reset the absolute position index to any position desired

Position Sensor Anatomy

Reference Design User Guide

10BASE-T1S MACPHY Ethernet Controller – NCN26010

Expand Ethernet connectivity to the very edges of industrial networks while simplifying architectures and lowering network installation and maintenance costs.

The NCN26010 is an IEEE 802.3cg compliant Ethernet Transceiver including a Media Access Controller (MAC), a PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer (RS), and a 10BASE−T1S PHY designed for industrial multi−drop Ethernet. It provides all physical layer functions needed to transmit and receive data over a single unshielded twisted pair. NCN26010 communicates to host MCUs via Open Alliance MACPHY SPI protocol.

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ecoSpinTM 600V BLDC Motor Controller - ECS640A

The ECS640A is an easy to use, multi−purpose 3−phase BLDC controller/driver. The small footprint simplifies board layout and enables scalable power levels with discrete power devices. The controller supports Trapezoidal, Sinusoidal, and FOC commutation and has an industry first Direct Torque and Flux Control (DTFC) on an ARM Cortex M0+ uC

High Integration, Maximum Motor Control Driver Flexibility

Trapezoidal Control of BLDC Motors

Bluetooth® 5.2 Secure Wireless MCU – RSL15

Industry’s Lowest Power, Secure, Flash-Based Bluetooth® Low Energy-Enabled Microcontroller Solution

RSL15 is an ultra−low power secure Arm® Cortex®−M33 processor−based Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 wireless MCU designed for connected smart devices in industrial and medical applications. With built-in power management, a wide supply voltage range, a flexible GPIO and clocking scheme, and an extensive set of peripherals, the RSL15 offers maximum design flexibility for high-performance and ultra-low-power applications. The RSL15 includes 80 kB RAM and is available in 284 kB or 512 kB Flash options.

RSL15 Block Diagram

RSL15 Antenna Design Guideline

3-Phase 60V Gate Driver for Motor Control - NCD83591

The NCD83591 is a 5V to 60V operational supply voltage with an externally configurable embedded current sense amplifier and 5mA to 250mA constant current driver, 2 times the proportional sink current on the low side. The High Side Gate drive is enabled with an embedded charge pump that allows for dc static drive and is tolerant to -12V DC. The NCD83591 is packaged in a small footprint QFN28 (4x4) and with a high integration level to further optimize the cost of materials.

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IGBT Power Modules

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Low and Mid-Voltage MOSFETs for Motor Control

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