Enhanced Performance of NIC Components Thin Film Resistors Across Diverse Industries


NIC Components (NIC), a market leader in performance passives, stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge thin film chip resistors catering to a spectrum of industrial demands. Across an array of over five specialized series, NIC's NTRx family of thin film resistors offers a comprehensive range crafted to meet precision and stability requisites. Thin film resistors, compared to a traditional thick film construction, excel in precision-driven applications mandating low noise, stability, and ultra-low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR. Each series within the NTRx family embodies these advantages, accommodating E24, E96, and E192 values within specified ranges across series.

The core of NIC's thin film family lies in the NTR series, leveraging advanced technology to outperform thick film resistors with remarkable precision. With tolerances as tight as ±0.01% and TCR as low as ±2PPM/°C, the NTR series covers resistance values from 1Ω to 3MΩ, available in E24, E96, and E192 values and 0201 to 2512 EIA sizes. The NTR series is ideal for applications in diverse sectors such as medical equipment, test & measurement, printers, and POS equipment. For applications requiring heightened reliability or increased power ratings, the NTRA and NTRH series extend support compliant with AEC-Q200 and up to level 3 PPAP support.

In industries where technological advancements drive demands for precision and stability across critical sectors like aerospace, EV charging, industrial robotics, and IoT systems; NIC has introduced specialized thin films series to surmount these challenges. NIC's NTRC NiCr and NTRT tantalum nitride resistors offer additional passivation for best support in high humidity environments, while the NTRN aluminum nitride resistors utilize high thermal conductivity substrates and enlarged backside terminations, reducing thermal resistance. These specialized attributes significantly contribute to the overall performance and reliability of devices, especially crucial in high-power chip resistors where effective heat dissipation is paramount.

Comprehensive support, including parametric search tools and application guides, are readily accessible on www.niccomp.com, aiding in the seamless selection of the most suitable resistors for your design.

NIC Series Features Size Range Max. Power Resistance Range Features Applications
NTR, NTRA Standard, AEC-Q200 Qualified 0201 – 2512 1/2 W 1Ω ~ 3MΩ
  • Advanced thin film technology
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Low TCR
  • Wide resistance range
  • Medical Equipment
  • Testing / Measurement
  • Equipment
  • Printer Equipment
  • Automatic Equipment Controller
  • Converters
  • Communication Device, Cell Phone, GPS, PDA
  • Automotive
NTRH Higher Power, Standard Range 0402 – 2512 1 W 1Ω ~ 1MΩ
  • Operating temperature up to 175℃ for 1000 hrs
  • Rated dissipation up to 0.4 W for size 0805
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • High power and high temperature applications
  • Replacement for larger case sizes
NTRF 40Ghz High Frequency Rated 0402 - 1206 1/3 W 10Ω ~ 1kΩ
  • Small internal reactance(< 10mΩ)
  • Small internal reactance(<10mΩ)
  • Low voltage coefficient < 0.1 ppm/V
  • Low noise amplifiers
  • Attenuation
  • Line Termination
NTRN Aluminum Nitride High Power 0603 - 2512 6 W 50Ω ~ 30.1KΩ
  • High thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrate
  • Power rating up to 6.0W
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Switching
  • Braking System
NTRC NiCr High Humidity Rated 0402 – 2512 1/2 W 10Ω ~ 1MΩ
  • Long term life stability and demonstrated the Anti–Corrosion claims
  • Special passivated NiCr film for Anti-Acid and Anti-Damp
  • High-end Computer
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automatic Equipment Controller
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunication Device
  • High-end Multimedia Electronics
  • Outdoor Electronic Applications
NTRT Extreme Humidity Rated 0402 - 1206 1/2 W 1Ω ~ 1MΩ
  • High stability in extreme humid environments
  • AEC-Q200 Compliance
  • Tight tolerance down to ±0.05%
  • Extremely low TCR down to ±10PPM/C
  • Special materials, design, and processing for high sulfur applications
  • Automotive
  • Medical Equipment
  • Testing / Measurement Equipment
  • Automatic Equipment Controller
  • Converters
  • Communication Device

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