BeStar Technologies Product Highlights

At BeStar, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and keep abreast with the latest technological progress. The robust acoustic products we develop and manufacture set the benchmarks for precision and reliability.

Why BeStar is your reliable partner and can help you improve your competitive edge:

BeStar is focused on the customer

At the heart of all our efforts is the customer. We develop strong relationships with all our customers through close interactions and responsiveness to their needs. With our vast experience and deep knowledge of acoustics we are able to quickly and effectively comprehend their requirements.

BeStar is an engineered products company

We know and understand the science and engineering of electronics and acoustics. We believe in working with "first principles". We seek to do the right things; right the first time and every time.

BeStar is innovative

BeStar places great importance on research and development. Our insights into various industries help us develop the right acoustic product with the best production process. We keep pace with international standards and latest development.

BeStar is the manufacturer

We seamlessly integrate innovation with mass production. This ensures that the customer gets the highest quality at the best competitive cost.

BeStar offers dedicated lines for your production

We can customize a production line as required by the customer and as per the customers' delivery schedules. Our efficient supply chain management can ensure that you can get to the market on time.

BeStar meets all global quality standards and systems

BeStar has all global quality system certifications in place - such as ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, ISO13485 and ISO/TS16949.

BeStar has a dedicated and knowledgeable team

Our Employee Empowerment and Management Commitment are geared towards total quality systems. Our engineers are expert in their field.

BeStar has a global presence

BeStar serves customers in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. Our factories and subsidiaries can respond immediately to the customer needs.

BeStar supplies our product to global companies

We meet the stringent and critical requirements of many large global companies belonging to consumer, automotive, medical, electronics and other engineering sectors.

BeStar supplies a wide variety of Acoustic Components:

Micro Speakers (<25.4mm)

There is no formal definition of a Micro-Speaker also called Mini Speaker, or Miniature Speaker. At BeStar we define a micro-speaker as any mini speaker where at least one dimension is 25.4mm or less. We have a variety of configurations and terminations, including contact pads, spring contacts and wire leads. Micro-Speakers are mostly used in mobile communication devices and any hand held devices needing voice quality sound. 

Standard Speakers (>25.4mm)

Standard Speakers fill a large variety of applications and vary from 25.4mm plus sizes all the way up to large sub-woofers. Loudspeaker membranes can be water resistant and also able to withstand high temperatures up to 105 degrees C.  Whatever your application, BeStar has an appropriate speaker available and specific custom configurations can be obtained with wire leads and connectors of your choice by arrangement. We can customize a part to meet your requirements these changes can include Power, Ohms, and Size. 

Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

Piezo Speakers have no coil, no magnetic field and does not have a large current consumption. The basis of the Piezo Speaker is a multi-layer ceramic disc that reacts when it feels a certain voltage.  Design appearance is simple sound film on piezo film with flat frame construction. However, proprietary materials technology combined with ingenious production techniques result in an eco-friendly product with high mechanical efficiency. The magnet free design eliminates inhaled free metal particles and EMI issues. The speakers are waterproof, salt mist and mildew resistant. Good SPL and Flat Frequency Response is provided while offering a cost advantage to typical micro-speakers available for the same applications. Depending on the model, resonance frequency as low as 800Hz. Height ranges between 1.3-1.7 mm with five sizes currently available. 

Surface Mount Speakers

Surface Mount Speakers are a recent addition to the BeStar product line. They can withstand the high temperatures of reflow ovens and offer speaker quality frequency response in a small package.


Indicator is a Buzzer with built in driver circuitry, so that designers only need to supply direct current to obtain the desired sound. They can be either piezo or electro-magnetic types.

Transducers can be either piezo or electro-magnetic devices. The designer creates tone patterns with their own driver circuitry. BeStar can also recommend driver circuitry for your application.

Types: Thru Hole/Dip Packages, Surface Mount, and Flange Mount & Lead Wire Styles 

Panel Mount Buzzers

Panel Mount Buzzers are a practical solution with their convenient screw collar or flange mounting schemes. They are available in units that provide a constant, pulse, or dual tone capability and typically operate over a large voltage range.

Junction Box Buzzers

Junction Box Buzzers are a convenient sound solution in vehicles equipped with standard junction boxes. They can be plugged directly into standard junction box plug patterns and can provide loud warning tones inside the passenger compartment for example in the event of equipment failure and any other condition when the driver should be alerted. They are frequently used on agricultural and heavy duty construction equipment, which have enclosed operator compartments.

Piezo Elements

The Piezo Element is the heart of a Piezo Buzzer. Also called Piezo Diaphragms and Piezo Benders, essentially it is offered so that product manufacturers can produce sound within their own housing/enclosure designs. BeStar has special expertise in piezo element production from very small units for sensors, to very large units for sirens. Specially formulated piezo ceramic discs are applied to a variety of base disc materials in order to suit most applications.

The basic element in all of these is a piezoelectric ceramic mounted on a metal diaphragm. When AC voltage is applied across the electrodes of the piezoelectric ceramic it expands and contracts at the frequency applied. This causes the piezo diaphragms to bend, producing sound waves. The metal diaphragm is usually brass, stainless steel or nickel alloy, thickness less than 0.5 mm. PZT ceramic material is used as the piezoelectric element. This element is designed so that the mechanical resonant frequency matches the frequency of the driving signal. By doping the PZT material, its piezoelectric characteristics can be modified: especially the hardness or softness of the material. The BeStar piezo element provides performance in both sonic and ultrasonic applications and has found uses in applications beyond piezo buzzers for ultrasonic atomization, or as an impulser. Future directions include actuators and even piezo speakers.

The piezo disc is a low cost, low power consumption solution for creating good sound output at specific mid and high range frequencies. When combined with a plastic cone, or when layered in a bimorph configuration, the piezo disc can be a very powerful sound producer.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Open Structure Ultrasonic Sensor 

 An ultrasonic sensor transmits ultrasonic waves into the air and another sensor detects reflected waves from an object of directly from the transmit sensor. This sensor has a special design, it can be used as a far distance and high precise test even the power is very low.

Types:    Transmitting, Receiving & T/R.        Applications:   Distance test, alarm system, access switches and remote control.  

Enclosed Ultrasonic Sensor

One sensor transmits ultrasonic waves and receives this waves after the wave reflects from the objects, this sensor is water-proof and can works in some extreme hard conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high temperature and high humidity, temperature shock, high loading and so on. It volume of the sensor is very small and always has a low power and high sensitivity. 

Types:    40KHz, 48KHz, 58KHz. Applications:   Parking sensor, access switches, level gauges, and automatic doors.

Electret Condenser Microphones

BeStar Electret Condenser Microphones have found applications in a broad variety of uses such as telephones, high quality and small recording devices, hearing aids, megaphones, headsets microphones, hands free devices and so on. The externally applied charge in a condenser microphone is replaced by a permanent charge in an electret material. An electret is a ferroelectric material that has been permanently electrically charged or polarized.

Due to their good performance and ease of manufacture, hence lower cost, the vast majority of microphones made today are an electret microphone; estimated global annual production is over one billion units. Most all cell-phone, computer, PDA and headsets microphones are electret types. Though the electret microphone was once considered low quality, the best ones can now rival traditional condenser microphones in every respect and can offer the long-term stability and ultra-flat response needed in measurement microphones. Unlike other capacitor microphones, they require no polarizing voltage.

The BeStar electret microphone selection includes Noise Cancelling, Uni-directional and Omni-directional versions with a range of sensitivity and sizes to cover all typical requirements. 

Piezo Pumps

Piezoelectric pump can transmit small quantity of air or liquid, or the mixture of air and liquid, which is the critical part of the micro-fluidic system, and in numbers of fields, it’s indispensable, for example, the guide micro system for lubricating supply system, cooling system for liquid, scope moist system and perfume supply, and the steam iron device, amylum plasma delivery device, and so on. More profound, higher range applications like high end medical treatment device and biologic chemical analysis equipment and so on. Compared with traditional solenoid pump, piezoelectric pump has some notable characteristic:   

Size: Small configurations and low weight

Low power: the power of two present products is 0.05W and 1.8W respectively.

No solenoid interferer: driven by piezoelectric membrane directly, no solenoid coils.

Long lifetime: no motor, shaft and other running components like traditional pump.

Self cooling: the heat caused by the membrane vibration is small, which can be transmitted by the flowing medium, therefore, the pump can be used in long and continuous working surrounding.

Adapt to different liquid: water, alcohol, hydrochloric acid, and so on.

Easy to control the flow rate, there is linear relationship between output performance and the voltage; just change the voltage, the outflow rate can be controlled precisely. Meanwhile, the flow rate can be controlled by frequency.


BeStar Beacons represent the only product in the BeStar line, which is not based on acoustic technology. Driven essentially by requests from our Safety and Security Industry Customers, we have created an attractive line of beacons, which has found acceptance in a variety of applications.

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