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    Expansion Board
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    RAM Size describes the size of Random Access Memory as in format (Mb | Kb | 128Kx16).
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    CAN describes the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol is a serial communication protocol originally developed by Robert Bosch for use in serial communication networks in vehicles.
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    Yocto Linux
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    Yocto Linux
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Barometer: Included

Board to Board Connector: 2 x 70-pin AVX connectors

Buzzer: Included

Controller Area Network (CAN): For use in applications employing the CAN serial communication physical layer in accordance with the ISO 11898 standard

Gyroscope: 3-Axis Angular Rate Sensor

Width: 96 mm W

Length: 50 mm L

Processor: ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller

Product Family: Overo

PWM: 8xPWM Outputs for Motor Control

USB Console Port: Included

USB Host: Included

Development Kits and Tool Detail

  • Dev Kit Description

    AeroCore 2 Expansion Board for DragonBoard 410C is a more advanced version of the existing Gumstix AeroCore 2 baseboard for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and micro-aerial vehicles (MAVs) uses Arrow’s DragonBoard 410C SBC for its brain control. The combo offers a powerful Linux and Android compatible computer, and a MIPI-CSI-2 camera connector along with a connector for a NimbeLink LTE radio.

    The 11.5 x 6.65cm AeroCore 2 for Dragonboard 410C runs the open source Nuttx RTOS real-time-task-oriented microcontroller on an ST Microelectronics STM32F427 microconroller (MCU), based on a 168MHz Cortex-M4 core.

    The MCU supports low-level machine controls and sensors, while high-level Linux programs running on the DragonBoard 410c manage mission intelligence, including visuals. AeroCore MAV controllers support integration with open source projects like Robot Operating System (ROS), APM-based PX4, and PX4-compatible projects such as QGroundControl and MAVLink.

    The new NimbeLink LTE connector supports NimbeLink Skywire LTE modules, which use Digi’s tiny XBee form-factor for wireless devices, and are capable of transmitting data to a laptop.

    The new MIPI-CSI-2 serial camera connector supports HD cameras, such as the Raspberry Pi Camera and supports GPS, but the receivers cost extra. Gumstix recommends its Pre-Go series of u-blox NEO 7P GPS/GLONASS receivers, such as the $79 Gumstix Pre-Go Precise Point Positioning GPS receiver. Like the original AeroCore 2, there’s also a Spektrum DSM-2 remote connector for RF support.

    The AeroCore 2 for DragonBoard is further equipped with dual micro-USB ports, eight PWMs, three UARTs, I2C and SPI headers, a CAN header, and a 9-axis IMU motion sensor with altimeter and barometer. 

  • Dev Kit Features

    AeroCore 2 Expansion Board for DragonBoard 410C specs

    Specifications listed for the AeroCore 2 Expansion Board for DragonBoard 410C include:
    Processor — ST Microelectronics STM32F427 (1x Cortex-M4 @ 168MHz)
    Memory — 128KB non-volatile FRAM

    Wireless I/O:
    5-pin GPS header
    Spektrum DSM-2 Remote Connector
    NimbeLink LTE connector

    Other I/O:
    2x micro-USB ports (1x for MCU, 1x for DragonBoard)
    3x UART headers with USB-UART bridge
    2x I2C headers
    Octal PWM header (8x PWM)
    SPI header
    CAN connector
    15-pin CSI-2 camera connector

    Other features — 9-axis internal motion sensor; altimeter; barometer; buzzer; tactile switches; LEDs
    Dimensions — 11.5 x 6.65cm

    Operating system — Nuttx; Linux or Android run on connected DragonBoard 410c

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