TE Connectivity1-640388-4Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles

Conn Wire to Board HDR 14 POS 3.96mm Solder ST Thru-Hole Package

The TE Connectivity MTA 100 and 156 connectors permit mass termination of wires for low applied costs. Available as a wire-to-board or wire-to-wire system, based on insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology which requires no stripping of wires, the connectors are color-coded to indicate wire gauge. MTA 100 connectors, on a 0.100” [2.54mm] centerline, are available in up to 28 positions and can terminate 28–22 AWG wire. MTA 156 connectors, on a 0.156” [0.396mm] centerline, are available in up to 24 positions and can terminate 26-18 AWG wire. Both closed end and feed through connectors are offered. MTA 100 connectors can operate at voltages up to 250 V at 5A, while the MTA 156 connectors can operate up to 600 V at 7 A. Both types are available with tin- or gold-plated contacts and operate at temperatures from –55°C to 105°C. Contacts are lubricated for fretting corrosion protection. Both MTA 100 and 156 connectors are UL recognized.



Key Features

   • Insulation displacement contact (IDC) wire termination

   • Mass termination for low applied costs

   • Audible latch for connection feedback on posted housings

   • Wire feedthrough for daisy chaining

   • Up to 28 positions and can terminate 28-18 AWG wires

   • Up to 600 V and 7 A rating

   • Tin and gold plating available

   • UL-recognized parts and conform to UL1410 standards

General Applications

   • Household appliances

   • Low-power and signal applications

   • Industrial machinery and controls


A datasheet is only available for this product at this time.

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