Bringing You the Tech You Need

Arrow Electronics partners with electronics manufacturers from across the globe to offer a diverse and powerful range of products. From audio components to actuators, diodes to development systems, our selection of products from hundreds of world-class manufacturers is designed to get you the technology you need to fuel your design. Explore our manufacturer list below to find what you need to bring your next project to life.


Manufacturer Listing


C&K 15351 products
C2G/Legrand 15 products
Caddock Electronics
Caddock Electronics 185 products
Cal Test Electronics
Cal Test Electronics 1429 products
Calex Manufacturing Co Inc
Calex Manufacturing Co., Inc 168 products
California Eastern Laboratories
California Eastern Laboratories 1137 products
CamdenBoss Ltd
CamdenBoss Ltd 663 products
Caplugs 17 products
Carclo Optics
Carclo Optics 443 products
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 1906 products
CCX Corporation
CCX Corporation 13 products
Celduc Relais
Celduc Relais 204 products
Central Semiconductor
Central Semiconductor 2733 products
Cermetek Microelectronics
Cermetek MicroElectronics, Inc 34 products
CHEMI-CON 9975 products
Cherry Americas
Cherry Americas 218 products
Chicony Electronics
Chicony Electronics 2 products
Chroma Systems Solutions Inc
Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc 25 products
Cinch Connectivity Solutions
Cinch Connectivity Solutions 26475 products
Cincon 4978 products
CircuitCo 21 products
City Technology Ltd
City Technology Ltd 17 products
CML Innovative Technologies
CML Innovative Technologies 1281 products
CnC Tech LLC
CnC Tech, LLC 2055 products
CoilMaster CoLtd
CoilMaster Co.,Ltd 50 products
Colorado Engineering Inc
Colorado Engineering Inc 11 products
Comchip Technology
Comchip Technology 7270 products
Compex Systems Pte Ltd
Compex Systems Pte Ltd 26 products
CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH
CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH 4669 products
Congatec Ag
Congatec AG 570 products
Connect One Semiconductors
Connect One Semiconductors 21 products
Connect Tech Inc
Connect Tech Inc 260 products
Connected IO
Connected IO 13 products
Conxall 1749 products
Cooper Industries
Cooper Industries 4169 products
Cornell Dubilier 296 products
Corsair Components Inc
Corsair Components Inc 106 products
Corsair Electrical Connectors
Corsair Electrical Connectors 141661 products
Cree Led
Cree LED 34349 products
Critical Link
Critical Link 116 products
Crystal Clear Technology Sdn Bhd
Crystal Clear Technology Sdn. Bhd. 972 products
Cui Devices
CUI Devices 6380 products
CUI-Inc-a-bel-group-approved-Logo-2023 9,770 Products
CUI Inc 9770 products
Custom Power
Custom Power
Cwlinux Limited
Cwlinux Limited 6 products