Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are our constant companions, the bridge between technology and humanity through smartphones, health monitors, speakers, and drones.

At Arrow, we enable and amplify technological capabilities for the many, not just the few, providing robust engineering services to breathe life into consumer devices. Always adapting alongside you, we’re your companion in making everyday life extraordinary through the power of technology.

Streamlining innovation

In the ever-changing tech landscape, standing still means falling behind. Don’t let delays caused by missing components or the need to rebuild prototypes hinder your progress. With Arrow’s extensive supplier network and engineering services, we expedite your journey from idea to market. More than just a distributor, we provide guidance on the latest tech trends, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Smaller and smarter solutions

With technology becoming increasingly compact and intelligent, novel challenges like energy efficiency and connectivity come into play. Each challenge, however, opens up a door to a new opportunity. Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge, we help you navigate these hurdles, presenting personalized solutions to help you thrive in this dynamic landscape of smarter, more mobile technology.

Unparalleled guidance 

You dream up extraordinary ideas; our job is to translate them into reality. Whether you’re grappling with scaling your business to meet demand or seeking the right suppliers, we provide personalized solutions for your products. We can help turn your bright ideas into real-world solutions.

Why work with Arrow?

Innovation can sometimes feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially when encountering unexpected roadblocks. At Arrow, we’re here to illuminate the path ahead, offering quality components and tailored engineering services to streamline the journey. With our comprehensive engineering services and a commitment to listening to your unique needs, we do more than supply parts; we help create solutions.

Expedited Time to Market

Design services

Quality control

Cost effective

Manufacturing support

Scaling up to market

Cloud Services

Advanced analog to digital sensors

Smart IoT edge

Capabilities & support

Engineering assistance

Relentlessly tracking trends and products, we empower you to make smart, cutting-edge decisions for your product.

Supply chain

We help power your progress by sealing your supply chain gaps, engineering strategic solutions to sharpen your operations, boost efficiencies, and tame costs.

Industry knowledge

As an industry leader, we bring expert knowledge to solving problems, working to find you the best solution at the best cost.

Management & maintenance

We ensure you have the components your product requires precisely when needed, all sourced efficiently.

Global expertise

We promise unmatched quality and proficiency across all continents with 43 Distribution and Value-Added Centers, 5 Integration Centers, and 5 labs worldwide.