Aerospace & Defense

In the never-ending quest for discovery, the world is expanding in three dimensions — not only to the farthest reaches of land and sea but outward into the depths of space. The exploration of this new frontier demands cutting-edge technology built for the challenges of these modern times.

We’re celebrating the 30-year anniversary of Arrow Electronics’ acquisition of Zeus Components, Inc.

Thirty years of dedication and leadership to the aerospace and defense industry, helping to guide innovation forward.

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Into a new age of space travel

Space travel, once reserved solely for government-backed initiatives built over decades, is entering a golden new age of privatization and accessibility. This pivot is leading to unprecedented acceleration in the development of aerospace technology. This represents an incredible opportunity both for those organizations leading missions into space and the companies that support them.

Move with speed, move with precision

Moving quickly works only when you can move with speed and precision, particularly in aerospace and defense applications, in which the right technology and reliable supply chain is essential.

Arrow has spent decades building relationships with top-tier manufacturers in mil-spec technology. We put our deep knowledge of the global supply chain to work to help streamline your operations and provide you with cutting-edge parts from verified sources.

As one of the world’s largest distributors of OEM and mil-spec products, as well as a global leader in electronics supply chain solutions, Arrow is your partner for aerospace and defense tech.

Here for the How - Aerospace & Defense

Why work with Arrow?

Arrow can think in the world of Five Years Out because we work tirelessly to establish committed relationships with the most forward-thinking suppliers and technology leads in the world. With our eyes and ears turned toward the future, we can guide your business forward. We offer our aerospace and defense customers:

Military expertise

Certified team members

A rigorous inspection process

Military-qualified and commercial off-the-shelf products from more than 300 manufacturers

Mil-spec source-controlled drawings and manufacturer part number standardization

Value-added capabilities

Robust quality management system

Global presence

Design services

Quality control

Fully compliant products

Manufacturing support

Testing support

Modification and repair support

Aerospace and defense services and support

Component preparation services

From certified manufacturing at our programming centers to just-in-time inventory, our support services ensure consistent, production-ready components. Additional services include testing, modification, and repair.

Decades of experience engineered for the future

Our team is qualified to help with your aircraft, space, and military product designs. At Arrow, you’ll experience solutions that speed your time to market and provide peace of mind.

High-performance interconnect products

With over 100 million feet of wire in warehouses globally, Arrow is the company to call for high-performance wires, cables, connectors, and harness management solutions.

Power management

From off-the-shelf to custom/modified builds, we have an industry-leading line card and an unparalleled team of power technical specialists to support you.

Supply assurance

No matter where you are in the product life cycle, we supply the components you need. We have millions of products in stock and can support over 440 QML devices from our inventories.

Supply chain solutions

Arrow brings you an online portal that manages orders, interfaces with our materials management system, and more that ensures streamlined supply chain efficiencies.

More aerospace and defense solutions

Verifiable quality

In no industry is quality more important than aerospace and defense. Whether in commercial aviation or space travel, having technology you can rely on is mission-critical. For this reason, Arrow’s Aerospace and Defense division acts as a firewall against counterfeit and low-quality components, mitigating authenticity risks through supplier-direct information concerning engineering changes, life-cycle changes, and lead time.

Guiding you forward

Across our business, Arrow focuses on the world of Five Years Out, the not-so-distant future where we believe real innovation happens. For our aerospace and defense customers, that means keeping an eye toward the future to provide you with cutting-edge technology built for the challenges of tomorrow. We aim to help innovators build the technology of the future with the best products on the market.

End-to-end support

While Arrow’s line card of mil-spec and aerospace components is ever-growing, we also offer many value-added services and support offerings to help your business tackle new challenges and scale strategically.

CMMC 2.0 and beyond

As the world of cybersecurity changes, defense industry and supply chain organizations need to ready themselves for new compliance regulations — including those of CMMC 2.0. Arrow, in partnership with Gray Analytics, can help you prepare for CMMC 2.0 and the future of cybersecurity.