Edge Cybersecurity Services

Arrow’s comprehensive portfolio of Edge Cybersecurity Services covers all key areas and ensures the highest level of security to fit your business needs. 

Solving for Cybersecurity

The proliferation of edge devices and the internet of things (IoT) are creating new security challenges for enterprise stakeholders. Designing and deploying distributed edge solutions now entails a careful balancing act spanning Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). OT constitutes a wide gamut of devices, control systems, and networks critical for running industrial processes and the organization’s priorities include safety, efficiency, throughput, quality, and uptime of production environments (examples: factory floors, oil refineries, and warehouses).

As enterprises plan security deployments, it is useful to consider the top reasons for security breaches in enterprises. Social engineering, web application attacks, system intrusion, human errors, and misuse of access privileges are the top reasons for miscreants gaining unauthorized access to systems. The costs of recovery are significant in themselves, but losing customer trust is an even bigger impact, and much harder to win back.

Arrow is always on the defense

Arrow is your advantage when it comes to cybersecurity. Our services touch every aspect of security, providing you with maximum resilience and the highest levels of protection. 

Incident Response Services

Information Incident Response Services help organizations contain and recover from computer security breaches and threats. 

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a regular cyber security due-diligence that helps organizations secure their internal and external networks.

Physical Security Assessment

Our engineers will attempt to gain unauthorized physical access to the customer’s workplace, and compile a vulnerability report. 

Employee Awareness Training

Arrow will educate the customer’s employees through custom training seminars on security information threats, adversaries and how to identify and prevent data loss.  

Analog/VoIP Security Assessment

The VoIP assessment involves identification of the specific VoIP hardware chosen and evaluating it for known security issues. 

Firewall Review Assessment

The focus of this assessment is to expose firewall vulnerabilities that would lead to the loss of  sensitive data. 

Architecture Review Assessment

Arrow will methodically examine your IT infrastructure and your business processes and show you ways to improve how you access, use and store information securely.

Edge Device Security Testing

Arrow works closely with the creators of IoT components and solutions to provide assurance around the security posture of the systems they are working within. Internet of Things testing services provide a valuable way to access the security levels associated with a given connected device  

Connected Edge Solutions

IoT and edge computing solutions require considerable forethought and planning to prevent the security breaches related to IoT use cases in recent times. Connected edge solutions must be built with a security-first focus that protects legacy assets and provides a consistent foundation for security and manageability regardless of use case. Given the diverse mix of technologies and skillsets at the edge, implementing security also requires a focus on usability.


Cybersecurity Resilience On-Demand Webinar: Navigating Evolving Threats

Join Arrow and Trellix for this on-demand webinar to discover how their AI-driven XDR solution replaces disparate security tools, providing a unified defense platform against an array of threats.


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