Operational technology solutions for the intelligent edge

Capitalize on the convergence of IT and OT to build smart solutions from the data center to the intelligent edge.

Capitalize on the OT opportunity

Unprecedented amounts of valuable data are now being created and captured at the edge by operational technology–industrial devices, equipment, and machinery, fitted with sensors, video cameras and embedded systems. What’s getting people so excited is the opportunity this creates for analytic innovation and digital transformation.

Arrow combines decades of experience, expertise, and industry partnerships in both IT and OT to help you design, build, and commercialize new solutions to deliver the benefits of business transformation.

Identify End-User Needs
Solution Orchestration
Co-Create Solutions
Scale through OTSIs

Identify end-user needs

As you embark on your digital transformation journey, we’re here to help and guide you through your OT solutions strategy. Every solution you see Arrow Intelligent Solutions bring to market addresses a well-defined business need.

Navigate the complexities of OT projects

From technology and services to full solution development, our customers trust that Arrow, leveraging its extensive ecosystem, has the capabilities, expertise, and scale to orchestrate complex edge solutions that effectively address their needs.

Global partner portfolio

Working with our extensive ecosystem of global technology partners, including Intel, Microsoft, Dell, HPE, Advantech, ADlink, as well as our OT partner community of software and services companies, we have the capabilities, expertise, and scale to orchestrate complex edge solutions that effectively address your OT needs across multiple industries.

Scalability engine for OT Solutions

Arrow is helping customers envision and execute products for the future. By combining the right expertise and technology ecosystems, specifically on the product set and cutting-edge industry partnerships, we’re well-positioned to be that trusted advisor and partner to help customers not only bring new products to market rapidly but also support solution implementations at a global scale.

Sharpen Your Edge in Operational Technology

See how to bring edge data innovation to your OT products and solutions with Arrow

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Solving for your OT challenges

Augment your edge expertise and capabilities

Whether your organization’s understanding and experience of edge technology is basic or advanced, Arrow can bring valuable extra guidance and strengths to your edge initiative. Our wide-ranging experience and extensive vendor partnerships gives you the broadest insight and perspective on what’s possible at the edge.

Manage complexity of delivery

Producing your edge solution requires the bringing together of multiple technology elements from varied sources – embedded systems, computing hardware, analytics software, edge networking and more. Hand off the complexity to Arrow – our comprehensive vendor relationships and proven expertise in supply chain logistics and product integration make delivering your edge solution simpler.

Gain access to product financing

With Arrow on your team for design and engineering support, and by outsourcing production to us, you save the time and expense required to source and integrate the right component products for your edge solution, and avoid the need to build and maintain specialist teams and production facilities.

Find new routes to market

When you develop your game-changing edge solution, why not maximize your potential market for it? As one of the world’s leading technology distributors, Arrow can help connect you with new customers, resellers and markets globally – and to bring your edge solutions to where new demand exists.

End-to-end Services

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Design and Engineering

Arrow will design, spec, build and test your hardware product — so you can get to market fast with the right solution for your customers.

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Manufacturing and Integration

Arrow’s worldwide manufacturing facilities and integration centers can get your products made fast, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Fulfillment and Logistics

Arrow can manage all your fulfillment needs – from creating an international logistics framework to handling import and export requirements.

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Professional Services

Rely on Arrow’s comprehensive turnkey professional services or allow us to complement existing capabilities across your entire business ecosystem.

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Support Services

All technology requires support. Improve your customer satisfaction and maximize sales with 24×7 personalized support from Arrow’s technical experts.