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Gemini Data

Gemini Data enables unified access across data silos by combining virtualisation and cloud-native architecture.

Providing powerful data availability as a service

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About Gemini Data

After decades of experience in the big data space, Gemini's leaders saw a still unsolved and critical enterprise-wide challenge: Data availability. After years at organizations like Splunk, Looker, Cisco, AppDynamics, Partners HealthCare, Citibank and more, Gemini's leadership clearly saw the data availability problem and worked to develop a full-stack solution.

By leveraging their critical understanding of big data, and the barriers that stand in the way of digital transformation, Gemini's leadership combined a cloud-native architecture and the modern method of data virtualisation to enable organizations to empower Business Intelligence and AI-driven analytics.

Gemini Data's headquarters are located near San Francisco, California. They also have offices in Washington, D.C., London, Dubai and Taipei.


Gemini Data product offerings

  • Gemini Enterprise: Delivers data availability as a service
  • Gemini Manage: Automates data infrastructure complexity
  • Gemini Care: Provides data experts on demand
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Arrow and Gemini Data

As one of Gemini Data’s largest and longest standing distribution partners, Arrow can provide partners with a wide range of value-added services to help support and expand your portfolio:

Let Arrow get you started with Gemini Data today!

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