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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Market intelligence

As an IT distributor, we know the channel inside and out. Let us guide you.

Data triangulated for you

Make sense of the complex landscape

It can be overwhelming to unpack all the data and information out there affecting your business.

As an IT distributor, Arrow has visibility into the entire technology ecosystem. Our market intelligence team leverages primary and secondary data to uncover your landscape, profile your partner ecosystem and identify new opportunities. We help you stay aligned with constantly shifting channel priorities and ever-evolving buyer habits. Using our data, we can work together to create actionable insights that can be used in integrated marketing campaigns.

Actionable insights

Accelerate your sales cycle with targeted marketing

  • Identify and profile customers' propensity to buy
  • Uncover white space channel partners and customers
  • Discover buying trends and ideal customer profiles
  • See how technology trends are impacting your territories
  • Make business investment decisions based on the market landscape
  • Align your strategies to areas with the highest potential return
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Discovery questions

Keep a pulse on the market

Arrow's market intelligence team can help you find the answers to key questions, including:

  • How do I identify channel partners that are selling to my white space/target accounts?
  • Which customer profile should I be selling my product to?
  • What multi-vendor products do customers like to buy together
  • How do I identify my dormant customers?
  • How does my business compare with market trends?
  • What geographies and industry verticals are showing the most demand for my technology?
  • What markets or technologies are most favorable to solution plays?
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