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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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End-to-end solutions across data centres, enterprise networks, security, and cloud computing.

Digital transformation for the enterprise

About Huawei

Huawei helps enterprise customers to build integrated infrastructure network platforms with services such as networks, wired and wireless, computing and storage.

Huawei provides cloud data centre solutions and a portfolio of security solutions for all users, including your customers’ mobile workforces.

Market Challenger

Gartner named Huawei an Enterprise Firewall “Challenger” in 2017, based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Working with Arrow

Arrow ECS has added Huawei’s wide range of solutions to its portfolio to strengthen its proposition across data centre, networking, cloud, mobility, security and business intelligence, and offers:


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Huawei product offerings

  • Cloud Data Centres: Huawei’s open architecture cloud data centre solutions incorporate virtualised storage, servers and networks managed by a cloud management layer, software-defined networking and disaster prevention and recovery solutions.
  • Cloud Computing: Huawei’s cloud computing solutions, FusionSphere, incorporate management tools to simplify provisioning and management of network and computing resources, big data analytics via FusionInsight and FusionCloud Desktop which allows users to access cloud based applications and infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Networking: Huawei’s wide networking portfolio spans Ethernet switches, routers, WLANs, network security and network management products.
  • Wireless Private Networks: Huawei offers secure, highly performing advanced LTE wireless networks for industries which rely on bandwidth hungry applications and demand resilience, reliability and speed.
  • Software Defined Networking: Software-defined networking solutions from Huawei, allow network administrators to manage networks more easily, automate the deployment of resources, enable simpler and wider terminal interconnections in the IoT sector, and allow mobility of campus network services.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution: Huawei’s BYOD solution allows users to access corporate data securely and speedily via their own devices.

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