onsemiTL431ACLPGVoltage References

V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V to 36V 100mA 3-Pin TO-92 Bag

Even in the event of large power supply variations, this TL431ACLPG voltage reference power management device from ON Semiconductor can produce and maintain a precise DC voltage. With an output that has a voltage of 2.495 to 36 V, this is power management at its best. By working with a maximum input voltage of 37 V, this is the best way to control the power in your circuit. It has an initial accuracy of 1%. This voltage reference circuit supports shunt topology. It runs with a maximum temperature coefficient of 50ppm/°C(Typ). This voltage reference circuit has a minimum operating temperature of 0 °C and a maximum of 70 °C.

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