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Si823H Gate and Power Driver Evaluation Kit

Si823H2x two channel, 4A peak, isolated gate driver board with 0Ω gate resistors and +15V/-3.5V gate bias supplies.

The Si823Hx Gate Driver Board (GDB) is ideal for driving power modules and discrete transistors. This two-channel isolated gate driver solution features a differential digital interface, optimized on-board isolated power supply, and user-configurable turn-on and turn-off gate resistors. Status indicator LEDs and test points make evaluation and prototyping easy.


  • Two input, high-side/low-side gate driver with dead-time control and overlap protection
  • 4 A symmetric peak output current
  • Built-in +15 V and -3.5 V isolated power supplies
  • 5 kVRMS safety rated isolation
  • 125 kV/µs common mode transient immunity (CMTI)
  • DC bus voltage up to 800 V
  • Reverse polarity protection for 12 V input supply
  • Differential inputs for increased noise immunity
  • Module temperature (NTC) output as frequency modulated digital signal

Block Diagram

Si823H Block Diagram

Additional System Components

The Si823Hx GDB is highly versatile but must be combined with other components to form a complete system. You can choose various vendors' elements to complete your evaluation or prototyping system and tailor it to your specific needs.

Wolfspeed Discrete FET Evaluation

Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ Power Module Evaluation

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Kit Contents

  • 1x Si823Hx Gate Driver Board
    • Si823H2CD-IS3 two-channel isolated gate driver
    • Si88421BC-IS two-channel digital isolator with integrated DC-DC converter
  • 1x Quick Start Card

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