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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common Arrow Capital Solutions questions

What is Arrow Capital Solutions?

Arrow Capital Solutions program has been designed to support Channel Partners meet the payment demands placed upon them by customers. Arrow Capital Solutions program provides the opportunity to match the deferred payment terms placed on the channel partners by customers.

Can this be used for soft costs?

Yes, Arrow Capital Solutions program was designed around subscription and support, and this makes up 85% of the program to date. We can also work with hardware if and when required.

What period can I get through Arrow Capital Solution?

Arrow Capital Solutions program covers period beyond Standard Terms and for periods as long as 5 years and with monthly, quarterly or annual profile.

My customer is keen to take advantage of a multi-year deal but is looking not to pay upfront. Can you help?

Yes. Arrow Capital Solutions allow partners and customers to take advantage of bigger discounts and fixed support prices, utilising manageable fixed payments made over an agreed term.

Is there a cost to using Arrow Capital Solutions?

Delaying cash always has a cost implication within the supply chain. Early engagement of the Arrow Capital Solutions team can mitigate the impact on the transaction.

Can you help me manage my cash flow better?

We understand that managing cash flow is important for our channel partners. Arrow Capital Solutions program has been created to support channel partners cash flow complications.

Does this effect my Arrow trade credit account?

No, we work with the credit team and set up a facility purely for Arrow Capital Solutions orders. This means the future payments will not take up any of year existing credit facilities, leaving you free to continue buying day to day items.

How long will it take to organise a solution for my customer?

Our team of experts are ready and waiting to discuss your customers’ requirements. We utilise e-Sign throughout our business and can usually organise the right solution quickly and painlessly.

Is this a lease or a loan?

Neither, Arrow Capital Solutions program is a contractual obligation between Arrow and its channel partner for defined values on future dates against a specific order.