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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Arrow Capital Solutions

Using innovative solutions to support business

The increasing popularity of cloud services is driving new consumption models which are more efficiently aligning with cash and cash management principals of customers. These principals are fast becoming key decision factors for customer investments in the current climate.

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Arrow Capital Solutions in the UK&I

The program aims to support the channel by allowing customers to order from partners under a periodic billing methodology and then mirroring that up into the supply chain at Arrow, all without interfering with the Partner to Customer engagement. The program is designed to lessen the cash delay burden on channel partners at a transaction level thereby allowing Channel Partners the flexibility to negotiate and close opportunities, maintain sole contact with customers and continue the direct billing arrangements that support the order or investment.

Arrow Capital Solutions Program is designed to engage with Channel Partners directly and will only engage with customers when invited to do so by partners.

Why choose Arrow?
  • Flexible
    The program can be for any period or frequency that customers are requesting to a maximum length of the product support agreement. This allows partners to negotiate with customers to more effectively align investment and cash management without the need for third party financing agreements.
  • Simple
    Each engagement or opportunity is managed under a single Deferred Terms Agreement (DTA) which isolates the transaction outside of the standard business terms and provides clarity on timings and cash commitments.
  • Innovative
    With 50 years’ combined experience supporting IT funding, we’ve seen the industry change and have adapted to create new ways for customers to consume technology through our channel partners. Our goal is to help partners meet their customers’ needs, improve cash-flow and eliminate technology obsolescence.
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