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360 Data Management – Harness the power of information.

Unified data management

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About Veritas

Veritas Technologies deliver market leading information management solutions that meet even the most demanding business needs, empowering businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information - their most important digital asset.

Using Veritas technologies, customers can drive their digital transformation as well as provide answers to growing business and IT challenges such as data protection, hybrid cloud data management, legal & regulatory compliance and revealing insights into their data.

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Arrow and Veritas

Together, Arrow and Veritas offer industry-leading sales and technical support and dedicated marketing services to help you generate new opportunities, accelerate the sales cycle and win new business.

Arrow is a leading Veritas distribution partner with the knowledge and expertise to support the development and growth of your Veritas business. Partnering with Arrow offers a range of benefits and support:

  • Access to leading pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team
  • Access to marketing advice, enablement and funding
  • Access to Veritas education training, enablement workshops and bootcamps
  • World-class event and demonstration facilities
  • Expertise in building cloud services leveraging the ArrowSphere platform

Partner Resources

As an Arrow and Veritas partner you can also take full advantage of the various resources and tools available including:

  • PartnerNet - Gain exclusive access to financial and business benefits, resources and tools designed to grow your business.
  • Veritas Elastic Grid - Veritas' online demand generation platform offering professional customisable marketing campaigns.
  • Veritas Vox - Connect with the Veritas community, find answers, share insights and make Decisions.
  • Veritas Connect - All the latest partner news, readily available whenever you are.

Veritas product offerings

360 Data Management

Organisations are undergoing dramatic change as they migrate to the digital world and the need for tools to allow for a successful digital transformation has never been greater.

Veritas’ 360 data management solutions focus on what's important - information, not infrastructure. This unique approach to solving the complex problem of multi-cloud data management incorporates six key elements:

  • Data Protection
  • Data and Workload Portability
  • Data Visibility
  • Storage Optimisation
  • Business Continuity and Digital Compliance.

This comprehensive solution addresses every major aspect of multi-cloud data management by taking a 360 approach to multi-cloud data management. Veritas allows customers to protect, keep available and deliver insight from their information, regardless of where it resides.


Cloud Migration and Adoption

Your data and applications are spread across clouds and data centres. But it’s not easy to move mission critical workloads between these environments.

Data portability provides the flexibility to place information where it is most effective at that time, helping your customers to manage their cloud environment – whatever shape it takes.

Adopting multi-vendor cloud platforms, will more than likely result in having to use different tools and juggle workloads within and between different cloud and on-premise services. Your customers need help to navigate this transition, to manage their important digital assets across hybrid and multiple clouds and avoid any downside.

With Veritas your customers can accelerate their move to different cloud-based services in a streamlined and practical way that reduces cost and risk whilst adding value.


Modernizing Data Protection

When backup alone isn’t enough for your enterprise customers, having fast, easy, always-on access to relevant data is essential to your customers’ business agility. Equally, data must be managed efficiently, stored cost-effectively and protected against unauthorised use or exposure to threats. 

Modernising data protection is about simplifying to a data protection platform that identifies and protects only what is needed, allowing users to access information when and where they need it in a secure manner and providing rapid recovery to complex applications.

Veritas equips organisations to build a comprehensive modern data protection platform for both existing and future workloads. It provides a centralised solution that protects and provisions data held in private, public and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Together, Veritas and Arrow provide a comprehensive approach for your enterprise customers to help them modernise and streamline data protection.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Remaining compliant in a changing regulatory landscape can be a burden for some organisations. However, this obligation can be turned into a competitive advantage where compliance is used to sharpen corporate accountability, improve governance and tighten data protection.

Veritas offer a systematic approach to address privacy regulations with integrated solutions and services to help organisations locate, search, minimise, protect and monitor personally identifiable information.

With the ability to securely capture, store and utilise vast amounts of data for confident decision making, improved customer engagement and resource optimisation your customers can avoid the risks that arise when valuable information assets are compromised.

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