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HiveIO delivers virtual desktops, servers, applications and storage on any x86 commodity infrastructure.

Virtualisation without the need of specialists

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About HiveIO

HiveIO was started with one goal in mind ‒ to create an advanced cloud computing paradigm at a fraction of current costs with simplicity at its core. Leveraging years of experience in large-scale infrastructure and a deep understanding of end-user needs, HiveIO effectively balances the requirements for enterprise IT with security and cost to offer the most simplistic, effective software-defined data centre solution in the industry.

Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, HiveIO transforms commodity data center infrastructure into an Intelligent Virtualisation platform delivering virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage in a single Hive Fabric install on any x86 commodity infrastructure. No specialists required. The simplicity, performance, and security of their AI-ready Hive Fabric solution removes complexity from the data centre while providing scalable power for the workloads of tomorrow.


Hive Fabric virtualisation solution

HiveIO has combined an Intelligent Message Bus, with innovative engineering and a unique user interface, to develop the Hive Fabric virtualisation solution, from the ground up. Hive Fabric enables customers to deliver virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage, in a single install, within 45 minutes, and without the need for specialists. Customers save capex by extending the life of existing hardware or deploying on commodity infrastructure. Customers can focus on innovating for their business by redeploying specialists, and engaging generalists to support their virtualisation platform.

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Arrow and HiveIO

Arrow's knowledgeable and experienced team can assist you in successfully selling and delivering HiveIO solutions. We offer help at every stage of the journey by:

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