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True multi-cloud capabilities

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About GTT

GTT Cloud Connect can help your customers avoid the inherent latency and performance issues associated with internet connectivity between data centres and cloud services.

The secure, dedicated connection guarantees bandwidth and allows burst capabilities, which deliver the speed and predictability of service that many customers need.

Partners who are offering cloud services can now offer true multi-cloud services, as GTT also allows customers to utilise a free connection to the internet, which can connect multiple data centres together, or connect multiple other public cloud services like AWS or Azure.


GTT product offerings

Cloud Connect allows customers to connect private data centres with public cloud services via a secure and dedicated connection. Cloud Connect uses GTT’s tier 1 IP network, built on a resilient fibre backbone, with Nx100G global capacity, and engineered to deliver high-performance bandwidth.

Regular monitoring of redundant paths ensures service reliability and MPLS traffic engineering ensures that traffic takes the most direct, lowest-latency path available.

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Arrow and GTT

Arrow ECS is unique in its position as a GTT distributor, and is the only organisation in the UK to offer Cloud Connect.

This means our partners now have access to new tools which will allow them to build secure, high speed, low latency cloud or multi-cloud solutions for their customers.

We also offer:

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