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Why managing cloud entitlements is nearly impossible…and how to do it


The accelerated pace of digital transformation with cloud is creating a modern attack surface which is expanding, highly distributed and exponentially more complex: a dream scenario for aggressive bad actors. 

The proliferation of cloud and the resulting removal of traditional perimeters means identities have become the largest cloud infrastructure attack surface. Attackers are exploiting mismanaged IAM privileges to open doors to sensitive data, and recent major breaches show that identities play a role in virtually every attack scenario:

  • Excessive entitlements: organisations tend to over-privilege identities when spinning up cloud environments
  • Infrastructure security is shifting to non-specialist teams: DevOps teams are not well-resourced to take command of cloud security
  • Driving blind: cloud provider tools lack the visibility to establish the full identity exposure risk
  • Legacy PAM and IGA are limited by their on-prem DNA: this on-prem-first stance limits visibility and identification of entitlement risks.


To strengthen your cloud infrastructure against such risks, you need full visibility of the identities that carry cloud access, plus an assessment of risks and a mitigation plan. But if you don’t have the capabilities for securing, managing and investigating your cloud entitlements effectively then you are not alone.

Identifying the full stack of access entitlements and privileges, and associated risks, is the first step in securing a cloud infrastructure. Whilst securing all privileged identities will help minimise their risk of being compromised. To achieve sustainable cloud security it is essential to have the capability to:

  • Remove excessive and risky privileges
  • Manage access controls and permissions
  • Investigate activities and behaviours
  • Apply least privilege across the board


The first solution to offer full-stack lifecycle management, Tenable Cloud Security helps you take command of the entitlements granted by configuration of identities, compute resources, data stores and the network. Designed to help security, DevOps and IAM practitioners -even those with minimal cloud security expertise – Tenable also help you see deeply into the full cloud assets inventory and permissions relationships, govern privilege entitles, detect misconfigurations and practice least privilege in modern multi-cloud environments.

Built to be deployed effortlessly, and with minimum intervention, Tenable Cloud Security starts aggregating data in minutes, bringing actionable information into view almost instantly, giving the power to investigate deeply what is going on in your cloud infrastructure at any given time. 

Offering leading CIEM and CSPM as a part of a full Cloud Native Protection Platform (CNAPP), Tenable helps organisations reduce their attack surface and blast radius while reducing time and costs – helping you turn the bad actors dream scenario into a nightmare.


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About Tenable Cloud Security 

Tenable Cloud Security reveals, prioritizes and remediates security gaps in cloud infrastructure. It unifies and automates full asset discovery, deep risk analysis, runtime threat detection and compliance, and empowers stakeholders with pinpoint visualization, guided recommendations and collaboration. Tenable Cloud Security is a comprehensive cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) spanning cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), cloud workload protection (CWPP), Kubernetes security posture management (KSPM) and infrastructure as code (IaC) security.