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Data Storage that Drives a Sustainable Future


Recent studies show that data centres use between 1% and 2% of all electrical power generated in the world.

It’s further estimated that data storage represents 20% to 25% of data centre power usage, and this is only expected to increase in the future.

For customers trying to meet sustainability goals and reduce rising energy bills, the data centre is an obvious area to target.


Sustainable products and services


Pure offers a unified platform that is far more sustainable than any other available enterprise data storage technology.

Its flash-optimised systems offer customers a huge range of benefits, including:

Less Power – Pure storage arrays use 5x to 10x less power than the hard disk systems they replace, paving the way for reducing total data centre power usage by around 20%.

Less Space – The arrays fit more data in less space than traditional storage products, reducing power generation-related emissions by up to 85%.

Less Cost – Modernising data centres with high-capacity, cost-effective storage solutions lowers labour costs, saves space, and reduces e-waste for 30%+ lower TCO.

Less Impact – This dramatic reduction means less energy, water, and natural resources are consumed to meet the world’s growing demand for data.


As companies and governments work toward a net-zero carbon economy, this is an ideal time for you to talk to customers looking for offerings that can help with this transition while still providing industry-leading performance.

Download the report to learn more about how Pure can help your customers achieve their ESG goals with innovative, cloud-ready storage solutions.

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