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About ThinPrint

ThinPrint, an expert in enterprise printing solutions for 20 years, always has the right technology on hand for secure, high-performance printing that seamlessly combines with a perfect user experience.

As the market leader, its ThinPrint and ezeep solutions support all printing innovations, thereby helping to complete and implement advanced technology that ranges from innovative end devices to printers.

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ThinPrint product offerings

  • Cloud Print Management with ezeep: ezeep takes care of the time-consuming administration of printers, printer drivers, and end devices, all in the cloud. Offering employees, guests, and customers the very easiest way to print from any device
  • ezeep Hub: Bridging cloud and local printing infrastructure, the ezeep Hub connects your printers to the ezeep cloud instantly. No mechanical components, no maintenance – just relaxed printing.
  • GDPR Compliance: Since the introduction of GDPR, each company must ensure that its IT infrastructure is also GDPR compliant thereby resolving any security deficiencies. ThinPrint and ezeep’s security concept which includes features like end-to-end encryption and secure pull printing enables printing processes to be fully GDPR compliant. ThinPrint’s Personal Printing for example enables secure pull printing by only releasing the print job once the user has authenticated via a smartphone app and a barcode or NFC tag, a card, or entering a PIN at the printer.
  • ThinPrint Engine: The ThinPrint Engine print management software enables optimal print support for all business processes, lucrative cost savings, and a significant reduction in the workload for IT departments. The print solution is suitable for all Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, or Parallels remote and virtual desktop environments.
  • ThinPrint Hub: As the perfect addition to the ThinPrint Engine, ThinPrint Hub makes printing in branch and home offices easier than ever before. Thanks to simple plug-and-play installation, no IT expertise is even required at remote sites – just connect ThinPrint Hub and right away enjoy high-performance printing.

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