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AI-driven network threat detection and response across the enterprise

See threats. Stop breaches

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About Vectra

Vectra’s AI-driven security platform detects and prioritises threats to the cloud, data centre, network and IoT devices, in real-time.

The Cognito® Platform from Vectra® uses AI to speed up the response to threats in the cloud, data centre, enterprise networks and IoT devices. Vectra is the reliable way to detect hidden attackers and responds instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming data breaches

One platform for customers, security partners and managed security service providers

Vectra’s Cognito network detection and response platform secures customers’ digital transformation projects with real-time action. It also provides complete visibility and management for securities operations centre teams.

With solutions to protect networks, datacentres, Office 365, AWS and Azure, plus APIs and out of the box integrations with major vendors, Vectra can be integrated with existing security tools and processes to accelerate incident response and threat hunting.

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Arrow and Vectra

Arrow supports security partners, service partners, ISVs and managed security service partners to take Vectra to market in different ways.

Vectra is a perfect security fit for Arrow’s data centre, cloud and IoT solutions and our skilled teams can help you identify the opportunities within your markets.

Arrow adds value to partners by:

  • Equipping partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell more Vectra solutions to customers and prospects of all sizes, across a range of sectors and in many different use cases, including securing remote workforces, securing the cloud and improving visibility across Security Operations Centres.
  • Recommending complementary solutions and integrations with Vectra
  • Identifying opportunities, targeting customers and generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a portfolio of security consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support and training to support every stage of the sales lifecycle
  • Supporting partners to switch to a managed security solution model, for new and recurring revenue streams

Let Arrow get you started with Vectra today! 

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Vectra product offerings

  • The Cognito Platform for NDR captures threat data, enriches it with context and security insights for accurate insights into threats. The platform monitors, detects and predicts attack behaviours alongside gathering incident behaviour. This combination of deeply insightful data empowers customer and SOC security teams. The Cognito platform follows up with appropriate, automated responses, speeding up the process and reducing business risks.
  • A critical part of the Cognito® cyberattack-detection and threat-hunting platform, Cognito Detect™ from Vectra® is the fastest, most efficient way to find and stop cyberattackers in cloud, data centre, and enterprise environments. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time attack visibility and put attack details at your fingertips
  • Vectra Cognito Detect for Office 365™ extends the proven platform that currently protects public clouds, private data centres, and enterprise environments to Microsoft Office 365. The award-winning approach leverages security research combined with data science to create an AI that understands real attacker behaviours and account privilege abuse in Office 365.
  • Cognito Recall™ from Vectra® provides the most efficient way to perform AI-assisted threat hunting in cloud and data center workloads and user and IoT devices. Cognito Recall enables incident responders to follow the chain of events from an initial threat signal – whether from Cognito Detect™, another security event or threat intelligence – using security-enriched network metadata that is searchable by host name.
  • Cognito Stream™ from Vectra® delivers scalable, security-enriched metadata from native cloud, hybrid cloud and enterprise traffic that empowers skilled security analysts and threat hunters to perform conclusive incident investigations.
  • Vectra have  a comprehensive API augmented by tools and a vast user community that integrates the Vectra NDR platform with your technology stack​. For partners and developers these reduce technical risk and accelerate system intergration opportunities.  

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