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Technology Lifecycle Management

Unlock hidden value with sustainable technology solutions

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Arrow Technology Lifecycle Management services

It is estimated that IT hardware is worth on average 10 per cent of its original value after three years. That's a depreciation rate of 6 per cent per month. As businesses increasingly invest in new technology to innovate, what happens to their retired assets? Most importantly, what happens to the private and confidential data held within those assets?

Arrow offers a sustainable way for partners – and their customers – to leverage retired assets, while ensuring the secure disposal of data and providing a way to maximise a return on the original technology investment.

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'Reuse first'

Value recovery and asset disposition

Arrow can assess the value of your customers’ retired assets and provide a quote to buy it back. You can also incorporate this service into your solution offering to help your customers drive innovation.

We can also help you achieve more efficient use of capital by redeploying retired assets. This is our ‘reuse first’ approach, which gives the best return on the energy and materials embedded in the assets we process.

Secure data removal

Our technology lifecycle management services offer the highest security standards available, so you can eliminate data security risks and protect your customer’s reputation.

Staging and integration

Arrow delivers a range of pre-configuration and hot staging services through our custom-built staging room and our team of technical experts.

Our comprehensive technology preparation program lets us manage and configure all hardware and software for your customers. We also offer a secure asset tagging service.

Advance hardware replacement

Arrow offers comprehensive advance hardware replacement options so you can give your customers rapid replacement with loan equipment and pre-configured replacement units.



Arrow's services for technology lifecycle management can help you to:

  • Maximise ROI by unlocking hidden value in retired hardware
  • Protect your customers’ brand and help them remain compliant with the highest security standards available
  • Ensure your customer’s system has the correct build and configuration well in advance
  • Give your customer peace of mind with professional services that keep your customers’ hardware up and running.
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