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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Ordering Guide


Arrow ECS requires a valid Purchase Order (PO) for each product and/or service order. No order will be processed without a valid PO.

A valid PO must contain the following information:

  • All POs should be on the purchasing company’s letterhead and/or bear the corporate logo.
    POs should be addressed to:
    • Arrow ECS Australia Pty Limited
      6/39 Herbert Street
      St Leonards, NSW 2065
  • POs should be sent to:
  • Invoice to Name & Address:
    • The full legal company name and mailing address, including name, telephone, email of contact and Company ABN
  • Ship to address:
    • Physical Delivery Address - PO Box Numbers are NOT acceptable
    • Including name, telephone and email of contact
  • Please make sure all POs include the following information:
    • PO Number (Quote Number is NOT acceptable)
    • PO Date
    • Arrow Quote Number
    • List each product being ordered
    • Include Part Number, Product Name, Quantity, Unit Price and Extended Price
    • PO total excluding GST
    • GST amount
    • PO total including GST
    • Currency: AUD unless otherwise specified
      All pricing must be in the same currency as the initial quote
    • Special Instructions – any other special instructions related to the order or delivery
    • Signature – if your PO document provides for a signature it must be signed (electronically produced POs do not require a signature)

For other requirements and vendor-specific requirements, please download our Purchase Order Requirements Guide.