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PKWARE solutions help organizations eliminate security gaps, manage sensitive data and meet their data compliance goals.

Take control of sensitive data with automated security



PKWARE offers software solutions to critical IT problems, namely the explosive growth of data, the need to secure data and data in the cloud. Today, more than 35,000 customers worldwide trust PKWARE solutions to optimize the management, protection and access to their critical information. PKWARE allows each organization to create a tailored data protection solution and eliminates security gaps by finding, classifying and protecting sensitive data across the entire enterprise.

With more than 30 years of helping organizations meet their data security and regulatory compliance goals, PKWARE has experience and capabilities no one else can match.

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PKWARE product offerings

  • PKWARE platform – Meet your security and compliance goals with PKWARE's automated data protection platform. Learn more.
  • Data redaction – Remediate unprotected credit card data in files on laptops, desktops and servers. Learn more.
  • DLP inspection – Make your organization's data loss prevention technology more effective. Learn more.
  • Secure email – Maintain the security of your data even after it leaves your organization’s network. Learn more.
  • PKWARE appliances – Define and manage your organization's data protection policies. Learn more.
  • Smartcrypt for mainframe – Lock down sensitive information while reducing data volumes. Learn more.
  • Smartcrypt for midrange – Protect enterprise data without disrupting critical workflows. Learn more.
  • Application encryption – Build Smartcrypt protection into your organization’s applications with a few lines of code. Learn more.
  • Smartcrypt TDE – Lay a strong foundation for regulatory compliance and data security. Learn more.
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Arrow represents PKWARE in both the United States and Canada.

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